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4/8 c22 22jward
more please
4/8 c21 Belios
I am loving this. Naruto entering himself, Sapphire, Vanessa, and Raven UNDER THEIR REAL NAMES NO LESS simply under a henge to look younger. The audacity.
4/8 c19 Belios
Alucard!Immortal!Naruto is scary when his blood is up.
4/8 c18 Belios
Love Darth Naruto here. "I will make it legal.", indeed!
4/8 c15 Belios
I don't think Raven thought her tossing Ozpin through a portal to where her tribe was through.
4/8 c14 Belios
Love the reference to canon with Cinder's injuries. What a way to go.
4/8 c13 Belios
Love the Batman Beyond line at the very end. One of my all time favorite quotes.
3/27 c22 Guest
Please bring this back . I miss this so much.
3/26 c22 Drakolf
Can’t wait for the ending!
2/26 c22 crossrain01
More please
2/2 c4 Vemok
That last preview doesn’t make any sense. Roman is older than Yang by a few years so he would have to have been born before raven left. If naruto said they he had flings before he and raven it would have worked but based on your own timeline it doesn’t work as is. Interesting story so far.
1/30 c22 WearyLegands
1/29 c1 The tallest king
I need more of this
1/26 c22 1Odinson94
We want more cookies please mr. Baker
1/3 c22 crimsondragon33
Would like to see where this goes next.
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