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11/29/2022 c6 Kiyan Tribe
Honestly how can Naruto abandon his children for 17 years in every single of your RWBY fic. It's not even funny anymore.
11/18/2022 c19 TheAgelessMenace
HA its hilarious I just made that exact same quote before I scrolled to see the bottom 6 sentences and when I read it I howled
11/18/2022 c2 TheAgelessMenace
Did anyone see the song reference to the wolf in sheeps clothing song at the end of this chapter
11/1/2022 c1 Guest
I Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/27/2022 c14 31Curiosity44
lol what a legendary line. I can tell exactly what movie this inspiration came from. Funny enough, i just saw it on netflix for the second time recently.
10/13/2022 c2 Apple424
Ahh this is so cute I’m just a sucker for these type of story’s.
10/3/2022 c20 Arc-Trooper 3225
Update plssssss ️
9/17/2022 c1 leonardogglez26
honestly I would like you to make an history in which Raven adopts Ruby I like the concept and nothing (save mama Raven has been on the level so Yea it would be cool if you make one)
9/16/2022 c20 rogue1Bois
9/16/2022 c10 27JensenDaniels32
It would have been even funnier if Glynda had gotten turned on. by getting spanked.
9/15/2022 c10 RyuuyaOoguro
is he everyone's daddy?!
9/8/2022 c4 LightninXX
Hmm...I really like this slice of life story. Keep on keeping on.
9/5/2022 c20 2Glory-Haru
I can't wait for the set of chapters
9/4/2022 c20 3rick12
Well, that was fun.

Naruto training his kids and their teammates for the Vytal Festival. His lovers (Raven, Vanessa, and Sapphire) are watching over this. Naruto is going to make sure that they'll win this Festival with no problems. Salem is an eternal punching bag for Naruto as he can torture her as much as he likes.

Watts and Hazel being idiots as always.

Previews are nice. The last one is so awesome and frightening. Alucard vibes down all over here. Naruto is going to make blood rain all over that place.

Great chapter, NeonZangetsu. Hope to see more~.
9/4/2022 c20 27The Blind Ficus
I just want to talk with him. Repeatedly. With my fists
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