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9/2/2022 c20 wrightdylen21
The narucard has arrived
9/2/2022 c13 Apocalyptica-sama
So many good references. Sometimes the ones you add are a little too blatant to really enjoy.

The Ohana one in this chapter was pretty great.
9/2/2022 c20 fallendemon248
So naruto trained both RWBY and JNPR wonder who would win if it came down to those two teams, Salem being silent probably because she knows whats good for her if she pisses naruto off or maybe we'll find out she also had a kid with a certain uzumaki as for thought.
9/2/2022 c11 Apocalyptica-sama
This is one of the most complicated family tree I've seen...Naruto has branched out literally everywhere it seems.
9/2/2022 c10 V
Loving these longer chapters
9/2/2022 c9 V
Really enjoying this bruv
9/2/2022 c8 C
Don’t let the haters get to you
9/2/2022 c7 V
Hope to see more
9/2/2022 c6 V
9/2/2022 c5 V
Oooooh! Mama likey
9/2/2022 c4 V
Srsly keep this up
9/2/2022 c3 V
We with u bro
9/2/2022 c2 Guest
Don’t give up neon’
9/2/2022 c1 V
Yes keep going
9/2/2022 c20 Lb
great work
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