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4/10/2020 c3 3SoloChrollo
Gosh I love Raven. Naruto and raven pairings are my fav and seeing them act like that is just so wholesome. Cant wait for next chapter and seeing the preview of Cinder too?
4/10/2020 c3 Dragonkit31
This is seriously my favorite story right now, the absolute chaos naruto will bring with raven and freaking Nora is going to be gold. I can’t wait lol
4/10/2020 c3 Ravens3rdWing
I... have no clue what to say. It’s a very funny story and I was told to review so here I am. Reviewing.
4/10/2020 c3 AkihitoTheExiled
This chapter has me LMAO completely and my ribs hurt from laughing too much! =D
4/10/2020 c3 WeAreVenom5
I like this chapter, I also appreciate the time you are taking with the Berserker, you clearly love that story as much as we do. And I appreciate that you work and write everything for us even though you don’t have, I hope you realize you are inspiring any people such as myself to not give up and do something impactful for the lives of others and ourselves.
4/10/2020 c3 1August D. Helsing
I laughed. Good story. Love it.
4/10/2020 c3 13Zenko13
Great chapter, hope neo shows up soon
4/10/2020 c3 1R-king 93
Interesting chapter
4/10/2020 c3 Guest
Also, you probably don’t need to be told to ignore Gry and that one Guest from the 24th of March. Both of them are jealous of the fact you’re actually a good author and that you’ve been around longer than most of the big names in the community. Have a good rest of your year NZ
4/10/2020 c3 Guest
NZ, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in the past few years, but you are the absolute best! You finding RWBY was a gift from the gods, this story even more so.
4/10/2020 c3 Spacecore94
Again you have put a smile on my face. One thing though that has me curious is... what is his history with Winter?
4/10/2020 c3 HitoNoName
let me get it right, Naruto and Raven were in a relationship and then Raven betrayed him
4/10/2020 c3 1OBSERVER01
Lol! Poor Yang! XD
4/10/2020 c1 Gry
Who even reads this retarded shit?! Get your fluff out of my fandom and catch that virus this is so shit and so are you faggggggffg
4/10/2020 c1 O
Die bitch
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