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3/23/2020 c1 pjtoolz14
This is amazing and i cant wait for more.
3/23/2020 c2 Spacecore94
only issue is when referring to their past relationship yh ou wrote
dead and "parried" when im sure you meant buried
all in all I like this its sweet. pun intended
3/23/2020 c2 Starserg
I really like this Chapter.
3/23/2020 c2 Issei ODR
Me parece divertido esta historia además que me recuerda un. Poco la historia de Naruto x High School DxD , donde tiene una tienda de dulces.

Gracias por el buen trabajo como siempre , espero pronto ver una actualizaci├│n de la historia de an untraveled road
3/23/2020 c2 Lustful Mate
Hell yea brother keep the great work up
3/23/2020 c2 Draegoon
the chapter was amazing, but the previews somehow always make me laugh and that's a wonderful thing!
3/23/2020 c2 Jhon sparda
Buena historia
3/23/2020 c2 KingAllen
Naruto thought Yang is daughter of Tai soo is Raven did it with Tai?
3/23/2020 c2 38-bit thief
Wow, this Naruto has connections greater than epilogue Jaune from SWaS. And the idea of him being Yang's father is terrifying and makes way too much sense. Raven acting like a lovestruck tsundere makes me laugh way too hard. Keep those fingers typing Neon, keep them typing.
3/23/2020 c2 2ranma hibiki
well. you did warn us that things would get..intense ) still, mreow fistey raven! xD
really looking forward to the next chapter just for the scene with NEO! _ *squee!*

keep up the good work!
3/23/2020 c2 calderoneric758
Neo loves him for ice cream cake isn't it and raven saying naruto is the father I believe could be a cause of sakura where when sarada was born she took in Akron chakra to look like her so naruto chakra made yang alot more stronger just saying and keep on the chapter you glorious man and I just realized after more ten years making stories ever thought about making a book side note any future crossovers with a certain shield hero
3/23/2020 c2 18Stormking27
Wait so is yang Naruto kid?! I'm confused lol great job
3/23/2020 c2 doomqwer
This was a fun chapter the implied relationship between him and raven was well written and I am glad to see you writing some more fluffy content as those are always nice from you
3/23/2020 c2 SPark681
Hmm, like the preview of what's to come anyways keep up the great work!
3/23/2020 c2 XXX777
Ride the Lightning indeed. I actually thought Nora was making her debut but this is so much better. I love Naruto x Raven fics.
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