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9/2/2022 c20 8Blu3b3rryT3a
Oooh, gotta love the dynamic in this one!
All of them are working hard~ Naruto is having fun.
Ozpin is missing everything important, good good.
The Moms are on stand-by, that's sensible.
Raven's pregnant? O.O They were busy.
Things look interesting, I wonder who is replacing Cinder?
And what does Hazel have there? *Suspicious stare*
Best of luck! Bring on the Shenanigans!
9/2/2022 c20 KakeruPB
oh boy lol!
9/2/2022 c20 Heatstroke123
Great chapter Neon definitely looking forward to more of this story.
9/2/2022 c20 8Dragon Blaze-X
Here comes the monster
9/2/2022 c20 2Dragonkeeper10
Father-Daughter Bonding Time is nice. Also Watts, Hazel and the White Fang are going to realize that to kill a monster, you need one of your own. And despite their arguments he overestimates himself, its them their overestimating. Even your witch cowers in her tower and yet you dare to enter the fox's den? I will give you credit for bravery, but it shall not save you.
9/2/2022 c20 Tera12
Thanks for the chapter xD
9/2/2022 c20 8The Keeper of Worlds
Dear lord, things are gonna get ugly.
9/2/2022 c20 Seruvius
As always, your naruto/rwby crossovers are lovely. Always happy to see another chapter for one appear
9/2/2022 c20 Guest
Great chapter glad this story still going keep up the great work
9/2/2022 c20 38Solaire38
Great chapter, keep up the good work!
9/2/2022 c19 Ahfucjcb
Although I admit I would also enjoy seeing you play around in the One Piece story using your style.

I mean a Naruto who opens a bakery at sea or something and just kind of interacts with the big players. Not one going around showing off how strong he is just a severely over strong person no longer interested in fighting.

I mean imagine the rather blunt response he would give the first time some world noble demands he become his personal chef/slave. He would laugh at them they would send in an Admiral and he would just get annoyed with them.

I just think the idea of a MC who is so strong the world government fears what he COULD do. Even though he just wants to enjoy his days spreading happiness through baking. Ends up with some crazy bounty but still shows up at like secret CP9 training bases due to his crazy luck and decides to open his shop for a couple weeks there to sell his goods.

Before leaving only to end up at Thriller Bark or something like that afterwards. Not taking sides unless someone does something outrageous or messes with his shop.

I feel I rambled a bit here it just seems like something entertaining and fits with the Naruto you have in this story.
9/2/2022 c20 2J.E.P 1996
Hehe tree go boom
9/2/2022 c20 Ahfucjcb
It would be really cool if you ever did a reboot of God of Ramen or any other stories set in the DBZ verse.

Also futurama would be another interesting storyline to see you play around in given how well you work humor into your stories.

Although also seeing Naruto in the Ben 10 verse or marvel/Dc would be pretty cool too.

Basically I love your stories l, you have a unique skill to make even OP MC’s entertaining to read about. Very few authors pull that off well they try and make the MC into some wish fulfillment character who is cool and edgy.

Ends up with them having to constantly nerf their MC’s to make any fights challenging. However you got around that by basically not making the stories about fights and action fueled conflicts. More often you have Naruto’s story running parallel to the cannon story. Basically he will step in for certain fights but normally you seem to focus more on personal interactions then fights.

It’s honesty not something I would have thought was so entertaining but you definitely pull it off. So basically I think it would be kinda cool to see what you can do in a world like Futurama where the fights aren’t a big deal even in cannon and is all about personal interactions.
9/2/2022 c20 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
9/2/2022 c20 JustAGuyLivingLife
ah just some family bonding time lmao. is that an alucard reference in the spoilers?
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