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3/13/2020 c1 6destructo08
This was quite the amusing chapter. I seem to like quite a lot of your work. Seems like a pattern; I like something and I keep liking until I come across something I don't like, and then there are a couple of more things I don't like in a row. Feels like a whirlwind of likes and dislikes, but I mostly like it. The wholesome vibes of works like this chapter do bring a smile to my face though.

Hope it stays this way though. Hope he never takes an active part in fights. That's not to say that I don't wish for him to touch cannon or any of its darker characters at all, but rather that if he does come across them, the confrontation or whatever is sorted with cookies and other such things. Brings me amusement in these stories when nobody actually realises how strong the shopkeeper (Naruto) is, and most assume him lucky to have survived confrontations with deadly villains by offering them cookies.

Also have some hope that the hero's and the villains never actually seem to go to the shop at the same time and keep somehow missing each other, meanwhile Naruto tells both sides of his favourite customers (the protagonist and the antagonists) about his other favourite customers. Build up both sides curiosity and it just always amuses me as I read on about their unhappiness at always missing the other customers by a few seconds.

Imagine, just imagine Raven coming, eating, and leaving moments before Yang coming and doing the same, meanwhile Naruto just looks at Yang and thinks to himself about how similar she looks like to the previous customer who just left. Of course this only works if Naruto doesn't use whatever sensing ability he has in this fic to just figure out that they are mother and daughter.

This isn't me ordering, demanding, or asking you to put these scenes in, even if I did make it sound that way. This is simply me getting my review kind of long-ish by accident because I keep trying to think about something to stretch it out and then this happens. This is also me trying to put this here so I can do an "I told you so" if any of my predictions come in right. Small chance that all of them are wrong though, because I am not used to your works, so I am not good at predicting what you may do. I make somewhat accurate guesses with authors who's works I am more well acquainted with.

Also, I meant to leave this part of review on one of your other fics, but this will have to do:

Really hope your health gets better. Seems like a terrible time for your condition to get worse considering that many places just seem to be panicking about Covid-19 to actually fully focus on something else.

P.S I leave behind all my cursed grammar and spelling mistakes. Suffer as my friends did when they read my writing skills.
3/13/2020 c1 1Pric3y
Great intro chapter! I always love the previews!
I knew this was a nod to Service with a Smile!
Have you read ‘A Rabbit among Wolves’ yet? It reminds me of some of your funny fics!
Have you thought of doing a collaboration fic with Coeur Al’Aran?
3/13/2020 c1 4Fallen-Ryu
This is brilliant, I look forward to the next bit!

Anyway impersonal respond aside, good job on this one, I'll check out the caffe one sonetime soon.
Stay safe you hear? I don't like seeing/hearing good people go down by the latest pandemic going on.
3/13/2020 c1 38-bit thief
I agree Neon, Couer does good work. I also was introduced to him by Service With a Smile. Though I will say, while the premises are similar, you shouldn't compare yourself to him. Your styles are too different. I am sure I will enjoy this, if more comes, as much as I enjoyed his. Keep those fingers typing.
3/13/2020 c1 2jonathan.coster.73
This will be a great and fun read I can’t wait to read more
3/13/2020 c1 6Antares.StormRage
Pfff jajajajaja, está definitivamente es mi tipo de historia, espero el siguiente capítulo con ansías.
3/13/2020 c1 nickclause
Nice chapter
3/13/2020 c1 kazutoxx123
I really enjoy reading a Naruto cooking can fanfic or most cooking fanfic and it's rare to find one. Please write more.
3/13/2020 c1 13Have a Little Feith
That last one sounds fun, but also like it would be exhausting to write. You have my condolences, my good sir. May your energy reserves be high when you write it.

Now that THAT is out of the way, I have to say, this was amusing, for sure. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.
3/13/2020 c1 XXX777
Awwwwwww. This is gonna be adorable. Have you read dining with Divinity by SoulReaperCrewe?
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