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2/20/2022 c18 anthonym3
Such a happy story. Let the good times continue.
2/20/2022 c18 Hail Lord Archanfel
Can you give me a hint for the other two that will be on Adam and Neo’s team?
2/20/2022 c18 M.D. Hurricane
Dammit I want Papa Naruto and Glynda so bad. Might post a challenge like that on reddit, if they have a subreddit for it
2/20/2022 c18 Tryson
This is probably the first story I didn’t review every chapter on when the author asked me nicely to do so but may I just say I love the concept like a lot and I could feel the relief for atom when Blake was confirmed and not to be his daughter because that means he dated his sister lol
2/20/2022 c3 DullZangetsu
Even though I'm the tin to your yang I better see Jaques getting obliterated
2/19/2022 c18 SubzeroLin
I’m both happy and sad about this story. I happy that it got an update and how it has continued. Im sad that it is close to ending but like any good story it must come to an end. Im happy that no matter how much shit people send you, you continue forward I respect that. Continue to make amazing stories.
2/19/2022 c18 Afro1Ninja8
Like the chapter. Wish there was more to read but I can wait.
2/19/2022 c1 Tryson
So um… Who is atlas I always read that line but never know who it is
2/19/2022 c18 SPark681
Hmm, well the future chapters look promising can't wait for them to happen anyways keep up the great work!
2/19/2022 c18 Roland Tepes
Imma miss this when it wraps up. But there's nothing wrong with writing shorter stories, that tell specific ideas.
2/19/2022 c18 Pdd13
I am somewhat having trouble following all of this and yet loving it all the same. Can't wait to see how this turns out!
2/19/2022 c1 Guest
2/19/2022 c18 AILONKLAT
Puedes actualizar es historia es un Naruto x Erza Kinowalker

Me encanto por favor Neozangetsu no la dejes abandonada

Amanecer del amanecer
2/19/2022 c18 Guest
more please
2/19/2022 c18 4The Viking Stranger
Meet the Parents: Uzumaki Edition.
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