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8/15/2023 c22 raddaraddaradda2
All I can say is Amazing work as usual, never a bad chapter just one that leaves me wanting more.
8/15/2023 c22 Zombiedonald
always nice to see badass jaruto
8/15/2023 c22 Guest
more please
8/15/2023 c21 Guest
Been with this story since chapter 1 so glad it almost completed great work neon you deserve a rest u earned it
8/15/2023 c4 Guest
8/15/2023 c3 Guest
8/15/2023 c2 Guest
8/15/2023 c1 Guest
8/15/2023 c1 Guest
Giv. Moar. Plz.
8/15/2023 c22 Guest
8/15/2023 c22 Leaf Ninja 91
very nice work. thanks for the chapter.
8/15/2023 c22 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Watts is just... ssooo bad. I just dislike him. alot.
8/15/2023 c22 25NewMystery356
Flawless. Victory.
8/15/2023 c22 Heatstroke123
Great chapter Neon definitively looking forward to more of this story.
8/15/2023 c22 2AlgusSadalfas
I’m sad to know this story’s almost over, but this story also brought me immense joy. Protective papa Naruto is best Naruto.

I eagerly await the next chapter, though it’s bittersweet because I know the next chapter will be the last.
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