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1/7/2010 c3 3Crescent Zenith
This story is really cute, I'd love to see how the situation progresses.
8/26/2007 c3 17icefox94
that's so cute! ^^
8/6/2007 c3 TenroDemon
Nu how could you put this story in the back of your mind? Lol, I want to see how their relationship unfolds because I love this couple to death^_^ Bring another Chapter soon!
4/26/2006 c3 Jade
Please keep on writing. I really want to know what will happen next. Too cute.

9/10/2005 c3 asdfghjkl
please continue and put romance into it. PLEASE!
7/19/2005 c3 5Dragon C. Chan
Aw! So cute!
3/10/2005 c3 18SonnyGoten
aw... so CUTE! ryuu/megamanxlan is tha best! keep on writing!
10/11/2004 c3 Shorty
Aw, it's so cute! I loved it. Personally, though, I see Lan's mom more of an all-accepting type of person. Thank you for the absolutely sweet mental picture that scene created. :)
10/11/2004 c3 Lolly
whe! Please continue! very very cute indeed! X3
9/24/2004 c3 an
Plz write more! I must know what happens next!
9/4/2004 c3 Too lazy to log in.no fictions recorded so username not required
YES! -cheers- Megaman/Lan AT LONG LAST! Update soon!
7/22/2004 c3 Beetle
EK! It's so cute!^^ *squeaks*

(please update soon)^^
6/21/2004 c3 Spongebob-Lover1
Great Chapter! Hopefully it isn't over. I don't get the last letter that says:

A|N:Yes well that's it!

Does that mean the story is over or the chapter? I'm confused now. All I have to say is Good Chapter!
6/20/2004 c2 Spongebob-Lover1
Great Chapter. Chapter 2. If your bord and you don't know what to do, write this story. It is awsome! Next chapter here I come!
6/7/2004 c3 21FanKnight
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