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for White Roses Part 2: School of Thought

9/26 c21 4Wing Omega
Ouch do you have something against Iola? First in the Chapters series her and Joe break up though she seemed alright in her final appearance. Now the bad guys decide to grab the idiot ball and start using explosives at a point where do so makes no tactical sense and she just happens to be close enough to the blast to end up being paralyzed. It would have made sense for them to use grenades in the attack on Sam, Joe and Mario when three of their targets were grouped close enough to be taken out in one strike but using a grenade at the barn makes no sense at all.
8/31 c24 Bkworm4life4
This was a wonderful story! I can't wait for the sequel (but don't feel pressured to post). I look forward to more answers about Rudger and seeing how Iola and Joe move forward, not to mention seeing what happens with Evangeline.
7/8 c24 5DusktoDawn21
Thank you for this story! I have enjoyed reading it very very much!
7/5 c24 15angelicalkiss
great story! a dirty cop is never good and with rudger escaped we are sure to find out who helped him plus more about Blsck Rose. take your time on the next story. it will just be more exciting when it comes out! have a great summer!
7/5 c23 angelicalkiss
aww so sweet. glad iola doesnt hate joe fornwhat happened and that she wants to still be with him. i think it would be good for both of them to get through jt all together. but im still wondering why someone would target her and not joe?
7/3 c24 max2013
Thank you for sharing this opening story for your series-looking forward to next, Happy 4th!
7/3 c24 BMSH
Thanks for the story. I do think you can mine a lot out of Black Rose. As for Rudger in the house - maybe he was leaving something - not trying to find something! Have a good summer.
7/3 c24 7ErinJordan
Awesome story looking forward to reading what you have planned for the next story
7/3 c24 Candylou
Great story. I am not surprised the black rose guy escaped and there could possibly be a dirty cop. Can't wait for the next story
6/30 c23 ErinJordan
Great chapter good story looking forward to the next one
6/30 c23 Candylou
Maybe Callie will also have feelings about Frank accepted. Update when you can.
6/30 c23 Candylou
Frank could be right about iola being the target. I also think at Joe and Iola will be okay. It just means they will just have to take it one day at a time.
6/30 c23 BMSH
Don't let it be just guilt Joe - I don't think he'd be that way. But...
6/30 c23 max2013
Partial resolution, but need more-hopefully in epi!
6/29 c22 Bkworm4life4
Ooh, the questions! How did Rudger get into the house without anyone seeing him? Is there someone on the inside? What did they miss in the jewellery box? Can't wait to see where you are going to go with this!
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