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17h c26 Chamba1220
I hope sha shan nguyen will appear the chapters soon, we love her to meet Flash Thompson.
8/13 c26 Guests
We do love Flash Thompson become agent venom.
8/13 c26 Valt
I hope you can add sha shan nguyen in this story, because I want to her to meet Flash Thompson.
8/13 c26 Guest
You know Flash has hard time with his dad, he would have stand up to his dad, he should do what it best for himself, he love play Football, Flash doesn't have someone to talk of his problems, but maybe it time to bring one of Mj closer friends name Sha shan nguyen. It will be perfect for Flash to meet sha shan.
8/13 c26 Spidey
Why not, Flash should become agent venom at his teenage life. Sure Flash inspire of spiderman being a superhero, I sure Flash want to become a hero like spiderman, but begin a superhero is a hard task, Flash would find his own path of being a superhero, not doing like spiderman, he has to do like himself. I love Flash Thompson become agent venom.
8/11 c26 2Shawna1999
Season 3 is looking amazing so far, incredible how much your series has got better over these last 26 episodes. This is by far one of the best chapters so far, the set up for Rhino, Flash, that reference, all the seeds planted for later pay off and good characters with heart. Excited for the rest!
8/4 c25 Guest
I feel bad for Flash Thompson, his dad is asshole, Flash should run away from his dad., and maybe he meet the symbiote venom, but he has to form a true bond of venom. In order to control the symbiote, then he become agent venom.

I see why Flash was a jerks to peter. His dad hit and pushing him around, Father shouldn't hit their children. In the comic When flash was little, he saw Peter and uncle Ben have a great time, like Father and son. Flash want to have father and son time. But his dad is arrogant. Flash have worst childhood. Flash dad is the worst father in the history of Father.

Flash should run away or move with his aunt. Flash should run away and start a new life that lead him to the right path to become a perfect person and become a hero as agent venom. He would meet sha shan nguyen or Andi Benton.
8/4 c25 Guest
Great start! I especially love the set up for Season 3. Can't wait for Tombstone to make his move! Here's hoping Season 3 is as great as the first two seasons!
8/4 c25 Shawna1999
Good season opening! Excited to see where this will go. It's fascinating that you enjoy science as well and most likely help if your Peter might take a future job in that field so when you write about it you'll understand and be excited by it.
8/4 c25 79TheGreatGodzilla
To be exact, never have Gwen Stacy killed off is always the best. Personally, I'm not liking that

he is with Mary Jane. Being Michelle Jones is one thing because she is such an interesting character.

I prefer to have him being with Gwen Stacy because she's his first love, she's smart, and she's not

afraid to stand up to some people like Flash without a second thought. So please, don't have her

killed off! If this is doable, please do it! Also, do the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy

existed in your story?
7/30 c24 1redbird12
Talk about an explosive finale! I really liked it, with the final battle between Peter and Norman being really entertaining and brutal! I don’t mean to self-aggrandize, but it kinda reminded me of the Goblin final fight in Along Came a Spider-Man! There were a lot of great moments, from Captain Stacy’s death to Norman revealing his true corruption. Can’t wait for Season 3!
7/25 c24 2Shawna1999
Looking forward to season 3 and beyond! I'm sure it'll only get better from here. Hope you get to see your friends again soon and good luck with school. Can't believe your only 15, you have a bright future ahead for writing!
7/25 c24 Arnonymous
Great chapter. Very intense. I was hoping you wouldn't kill Gwen off!
Did you base anything in this fiction on the Spectacular Spider-Man series?
Hoping to read the sequel soon :D
7/24 c24 2JPrime
ShadowStrike234 you truly did my old friend
7/20 c23 Arnonymous
Great chapter! Looking forward to the next one.
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