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for In the Garden of Delight

3/15/2020 c1 6GlowingGem
If no will in any world could resist the flavor of the fruit, then how could you, Dimentio?

Anyway, we have Dimentio's manipulation at it's finest! Trying to convince Peach to let him help and even playing the victim card a bit. But, oh no! Princess Peach wasn't having any of that! You go girl! Also I felt so warm when the flashbacks of TEC came up. Remember him, everyone... :'(

Plus... It's also worth pointing out that Dimentio actually considered doing something rather... Uhhhhh... Unpleasant for a moment... (OK! You're not saying it! I'm not saying it! But I'm sure everyone who reads this story can figure it out without it needing to be said!) Him sorta lusting after someone... I'll be honest, knowing him, it isn't too big a surprise...
No one knows what's going on behind that mask of his...

But anyway, great fic! Everyone is in character! Keep up the great work!

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