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6/24 c17 AnthonyR89
a trilogy? given that the next one is about superman, I'm assuming that the third will be wonder woman.
6/23 c14 AnthonyR89
you kind of have harry being a melodramatic little bitch herd, talking about how Neville betrayed him.

and as to the book, the answer is rather obvious. sword of gryffindor or a basilisk fang. problem solved.
6/23 c12 AnthonyR89
so, is Neville possessed. or what?
6/23 c10 AnthonyR89
...Harry quite literally crossed those lines during the war. crucio and imperio, anyone?

I do have a problem with him being captured by batman though. Harry's smart enough to know when to retreat.
6/23 c8 AnthonyR89
Black Mask? there's a surprise. given you said that it was going to be a detective story I was expecting two face or penguin.

that or maybe Clayface or the actual False Face from Batman Beyond.

or Rhas al Ghul just because he is the first batman villain I could think of with ties to the mystical.
6/23 c7 AnthonyR89
interpol has no authority in the US. even less than they do in countries that actually let them operate in them.
6/23 c2 AnthonyR89
somehow missed this story until earlier today when I saw it on someone's favorites and went "that author's name sounds familiar" before realizing what other fics you've wrote, heh.

also, Quahog? really?

and not worried about the muggle criminals? he'll learn.
6/22 c1 Fleder
This was brilliant, thank you. Looking forward to more.
6/8 c18 fig tree
This is a really great story. Have you ever considered crossposting your works to AO3? I'm mostly on that other site and I'd love to be able to favourite your story over there so I can re-read it regularly.
6/3 c18 xfel
A really great story, thanks for writing it!

The narrative makes sense for both worlds, and that's the blood of fusion crossovers like this. Things fit together neatly.

I also really liked the fight scenes. They all made it apparent that it wasn't raw power that won the day, but quick thinking, traceable planning and smart usage of abilities and their limitations. You also managed to make the power levels seem balanced, and that's something quite rare in fandoms filled with as much wank as these.

The only thing missing for me would be another conversation with Neville at the end to round things out.

See you in the sequel!
6/1 c17 1battybiologist
Fantastic writing, and good world building refresher for DC which I haven't really paid much notice to for a while. Characterization of Harry is excellent, others a bit two dimensional but that's fine.
6/1 c17 LongSelfindulgentReviews
Thanks for writing! This story is great.
5/24 c18 Eveapplefield
Oh good it's already posted even. I bow to your productivity. Once again, thank you for your time and talent.
5/24 c17 Eveapplefield
Very happy to learn there might be a follow up to this! It's been a great ride, and I'll make sure to follow the next, hopefully while I'm logged in this time
5/24 c16 Eveapplefield
And as Harry said, the first thing is to realize you have a choice. Constantine clearly didn't. You did an amazing job keeping everyone in character, thanks for this
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