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for Kicking Gotham

5/24 c17 Eveapplefield
Very happy to learn there might be a follow up to this! It's been a great ride, and I'll make sure to follow the next, hopefully while I'm logged in this time
5/24 c16 Eveapplefield
And as Harry said, the first thing is to realize you have a choice. Constantine clearly didn't. You did an amazing job keeping everyone in character, thanks for this
5/24 c14 Eveapplefield
I'm calling it, quahog's in on it
5/24 c13 Eveapplefield
Quahog looked mighty suspicious there, I can see where this is going I think. Again, amazing fanfic and crossover, everything blends seamlessly
5/24 c12 Eveapplefield
I do like your version of an adult Harry who, like all of us do as we grow up, looks back on his teen years and can't help but cringe.
5/24 c11 Eveapplefield
Nevermind that obliviating batman probably got him off his back for a day or two (but not much more thanks to Alfred and the batcomputer) I have the feeling that he, in fact, lost more time that he earned by doing so.
5/24 c10 Eveapplefield
Given that, from the way you frame things, Batman is still in his Year One persona and only just started, it doesn't that he would be bested by AurorHarry who is not only more powerful, but also has more experience. He was beaten a few times in Year One, after all.
5/24 c9 Eveapplefield
And the plot thickens! It's the mark of a good enigma, that as we get more clues, the plot does not clear up just yet
5/24 c8 Eveapplefield
A nice wrap up of all the action last chapter, and I like that you give us, the readers, some hints that even the characters don't have, like with black mask and how dangerous arkham can be
5/24 c7 Eveapplefielf
I devoured the first few chapters before I realized I hadn't left you a review yet! This is an excellent story, love the way you blend some elements of both worlds without getting overwhelmed by the sheer size of either.
One of your metaphors, the one for the city breathing people in and out has stayed with me all throughout my workday. So graphic and alive.
5/15 c12 1Fairy King Oberon
Better example of Harry's past experiences with such temptation: The Mirror of Erised
5/14 c2 Fairy King Oberon
Oh yes, and surely safety is a small sacrifice to get room service.
5/14 c1 Fairy King Oberon
To be fair to us yanks, Superman is a muggle. Batman is a muggle. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are muggles. These are people worth fearing.
5/1 c17 animusand
Nooo, Harry! Pils reh eht eugnot!
5/1 c10 animusand
I was waiting for that full-body bind. Yay magic.
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