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for Kicking Gotham

5/1 c1 animusand
Ah, John. He always manages to put step in ~it.
4/22 c18 Akraken
Brilliantly told story, very accurate characters.
4/6 c10 Guest
im still fucking laughing thats some fucking bullshit man hahahahahahahahah his fucking outline was revealed by the water hahahahahahahahahahha thats so fucking lame couldve done better imo
4/6 c9 Guest
fight was fine but the fucking outline being reflected in the water is some bullshit haha
4/6 c9 Guest
im reading some bullshit loool
3/8 c17 472dreamflower02
Amazing! Most of the crossovers tend to have one side or the other ridiculously OP. You managed to strike a perfect balance.
Thanks for sharing an epic adventure; I look forward to the sequels.
2/17 c1 revUwUr
I wuwv UwU 3 seeing this take on a Hawwy Pottew / dc cwossovew. It's so nice to see this tackwed as a mystewy, wathew than "Hawwy Pottew, suwpew hewo who sweeps with evewy femawe hewo, viwwian, and bystandew". The chawactewization of hawwy in this fiwst chaptew is weww-wwitten, and bewievabwe, and i can't wait to see whewe this goes next.
2/6 c18 Guest
good sor
1/14 c18 Guest
This was an awesome story. You really did a great job with Batman, especially how he fights.
1/13 c16 Guest
Everything about this chapter is great, from the action to the characterization to the tactics to the Chekhov’s Gun firing! Great job!
1/7 c17 5Fallen Gods Rise
This was a great read start to finish. It can always be tricky to balance two different characters or universes power and abilities in a crossover but this managed to balance both sides really well. I'll definitely be looking for the sequel, thank you for writing and sharing this story.
1/7 c5 Fallen Gods Rise
I know I said this last chapter but I have to mention again just how well crafted this feels. As an example other crossovers with DC commonly just say the statute of secrecy doesn't apply in America and that's it with no explanation as to how that would work except that the rest of the world is somehow dumb enough not to figure out there's magic outside the US too.

Here Zatanna has a record of suspected breaches but is clever enough to skirt around it and disguise everything enough to get by on some technicality. It just shows that care and thought have gone into the writing of this.
1/7 c4 Fallen Gods Rise
I'm not sure what the switching spell is being used for here. presumably Harry's transfiguration of the rose bush included a pot but why would he want to make his newly transfigured pot and the Wayne labs pot switch appearances and since most transfiguration is temporary wouldn't it's sudden change and then reversion just draw attention?
I'd guess it was a mistake and you thought that a switching spell caused objects to actually change locations rather than just changing their appearances. It would have made more sense to have the switching spell used on the ID badge last chapter along with a photo of Harry he carried for that purpose.
Still I'm really enjoying this so far I'm not sure where it's going but I haven't come across anything quite like this, it shows a much more thoughtful approach to building the world these characters live in than is usual in fanfiction.
1/3 c15 Tornhold
I love how Batman your Batman is.
1/2 c10 Tornhold
The fight was awesome. "Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman."
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