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for Leaning on the Lennons

5/24 c3 24MissEclipse
This story was Too Marvellous for Words! Loved Murdock in this episode and you have now brought a very clever and heart warming twist to his fixation with the Lennon sisters. And as always that brotherly connection between Face and Murdock - and BA's wise words - was so sweet.

I do actually have a Lennon sisters' album in my record collection and I shall think of your story with great fondness.

BTW - liked the nod towards Jack Harmon. Nice!
4/29 c1 7kathyk24
This story was really sweet. You gave Murdock more of a back story than the writer's did
3/19 c3 RobinRedoe
And a beautiful ending. Wow. Face really is a great friend, isn't he?
I hope they went to visit his grandmother's grave soon after this.
Beautiful writing, and a wonderful insight behind an episode with little winks that explain why he was so grumpy, why he had the Lennon Sisters stuck in his head, and why he uses that blanket. I love this type of fanfics when an episode is explored a little deeper.
3/19 c2 RobinRedoe
I love how you laid out this scene. Wonderful how you captured the friendship between the four men, but especially the friendship between Murdock and Face. It's an intimate scene without getting too eh... sobby (in lack of a better word right now), haha.
Beautifully written. I also love this idea that the Lennon sisters were linked with memories of his grandmother. Such a beautiful yet spooky moment when the record stops playing the moment he learns that she died. Timing that immediately sets the mood.
3/19 c1 RobinRedoe
Ah, I always thought this episode was quite interesting. Murdock seemed different and cranky in this one, I guessed mostly due to the earworm. But I really love your theory and interpretation of his mood.
I love how you built up the story with an extra possible scene from before the episode starts, and after their adventure. Up to the next chapter.

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