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for The Lisa Mae

9/28 c2 58BrokenKestral
The two of them work quite well together when needs must. Lovely.
9/28 c1 BrokenKestral
You kept them all in character while accounting for being a bit new to each other and being younger. This was delightful to read and I’m impressed by your skill. Thanks for writing!
6/28 c2 CecileGa
I love this story and especially the interaction between Murdock and Ba. thanks
6/10 c2 83dS-Tiff
This is an excellent chapter. It's always great to read a serious Murdock and you've done really well here at portraying his guilt and determination to rescue his friends.

You mentioned at the start that this would be four one shots - if you're ever in a position to write the other two I'd love to read them.
6/10 c1 dS-Tiff
I really enjoyed reading this. I know nothing about what it was like in Vietnam, but it all feels very real and I could sense the danger the team were in. I always love it when Murdock flies in to rescue them - it's amazing how many times BA does get on a plane!

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