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for Echoes of the Life

1/8 c71 5kimek
Wow, Rei have a portal to Celestia: never should understimate the original Goddess. And Chromey is so wholesomly open about her feelings that it's really cute. There is a lot tsunderes already.

On more serious note: no matter how much good her intentions were, Neptune's decision shifted affected both Ultra and Hyper Dimensions greatly and many people were affected by it not in a good way. Which get a RMCP a massive influx of a new followers... to fuel EPic's dastradly plans.

P.S. Not a bad way to get back at Neptune for being annoyingly meta from time to time, Acti.
1/8 c71 8NepShrimpz
Rei to the rescue!
1/8 c71 Farsight21
By the way where is Erika?
1/8 c71 Gamatime
I have a bad feeling about what going to happen
1/7 c70 2Naughty Tome
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged reference
1/7 c70 mega1987
damn... and here i was hoping for a bigger catfight...
1/7 c70 Redrangerlegacy
Poor 5pb. She believed that she was doing the right thing. She is not going to be happy that Epic was doing the whole thing because of a huge case of never my fault, blaming the CPUs for his actions. She is going to feel even more guilty when she learns that her MAGES was right about Neptune, due to Neptune letting herself get captured by Epic to save both dimensions from the monster invasions.
1/7 c70 8NepShrimpz
Now playing - B-Messenger


And yes it's the same MAGES. However for MAGES. R;B1 happens after R;B3 ;)
1/7 c70 Farsight21
I can’t wait to see the look on their faces.
1/7 c70 5kimek
Brave, like STeamax is a true reliable one. Okay, Tence also got caught... maybe?... so another blow to RMCP. But Epic seems to care only about Beth and Acti anyway.

P.S. Okay 5pb definitelly got caught in Epic's rhetoric, but she DO have a point: Neptune could have numerous good intentions, but eventually her actions led to crisis and MAGES can't do anything about this...
1/6 c69 8NepShrimpz
Too many Fs to throw around for too many Charactets

1/6 c69 5kimek
So, FIlyn get herself a small cuddly dragon? Good for her... though overall entire Gamindustri were rocked by this invasion. What Epic need fro Nep, though?
Well,I hope next chapter would bring some light
1/6 c69 31DeraldSny
Yeah, it does fit better here, and MAGES gets punished for it.
1/5 c68 Yuhitsu
The more I read the more I wanna punch them in their face and send them flying. Screw you Beth, Acti and especially f-ing Epic! Go get a freaking bad end for all I care!
1/5 c68 8NepShrimpz
I want to bunch them. PUNCH THEM
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