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for Echoes of the Life

10/29/2020 c46 2Shiena
Oh dear. Please don’t go on a killing spree GW Uni.
10/29/2020 c45 Shiena
Awe f*ck I’m tearing up. Maybe now Neptune can finally stop beating herself. God, the ending is so touching:
10/29/2020 c44 Shiena
Damn, a force transformation. You suck Beth. You suck.
10/29/2020 c43 Shiena
Oh no! It’s the forbidden sword! Void Gear has the all mighty goddess slaying sword, Gehaburn!
10/29/2020 c58 PlaneptuneNeptune
I mean, I just put it under the "It's a fanfiction" for its reason so it seemed pretty normal. Also, couldn't he of just used the portal between the two dimensions to send the message?
10/29/2020 c58 10NepShrimpz
Celestia huh

Inb4 Superdimension crossover

Also being Nep in your works is always suffering xD
10/29/2020 c58 5kimek
Oh dear... there is actually MUCH deeper plot than I thought.

10/28/2020 c58 32DeraldSny
Celestia... NOW things are getting interesting.
10/28/2020 c58 20Kurogems1208
To be honest, why asking that? The CPUs are dealing with someone who managed to create a method to NEARLY kill the Void Candidates (they would have died if not for the Shares). Also, I believe that something like the Deity of Sins is still around if Kurome was only thrown into Gamworld after Megadimension arc. Epic can't be the only final boss here.
Besides that, good chapter. Waiting patiently for how the CPUs will deal with the mastermind.
10/28/2020 c58 Gamatime
Okay that bad I mean really bad how the hell did he get into that place?!
10/28/2020 c58 mega1987
from a feels opening to someone is at an area that normal people dont usually end up there without any special condition...

what Epic up to?
10/27/2020 c57 5kimek
Onio Steamax would e more appropriate for this chapter id say.

Though, I think even our steel boy would have cry during this entire scene
10/27/2020 c57 10NepShrimpz
Noire hearing Nep interesting

and some feels!
10/26/2020 c57 PlaneptuneNeptune
I don't know what I expected from a Nanya novel, but this is p sad. I hope it wont form into a red ball of death like it did in the Echoes of the Dark's dimension
10/26/2020 c57 mega1987
damn onions indeed...

GW!Uni pulls out a weiss-chan E_mode shooting while i feel Void!Uni should have gone barbatos hard on the fight.

but that ending... damn...

nanya! no more onions for you. we're drying up here from crying.
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