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3/1 c80 5kimek
I agree with Chromey there Neptune: you should think more before you do something. But at least the entire bunch come back in one piece. Epic's death was surprisingly poignant:I don't believe he would lie at his very deathbed, so seems he REALLY had a good intentions. But VERY hardcore methods.
2/28 c79 mega1987
now why i want to watch decade after reading this?

matter of fact, why i want to watch alot of kamen rider shows in a marathon?
2/28 c78 mega1987
this reminds me of that flame buster on stun setting.

you know what i mean nanya. ;)
2/25 c79 2MysteriousNuclearBirbs
I knew something would happen, just wasn't quite sure what it would be. Neptune is still alive unbeknownst to Epic, and gets her power back too. Gamworld Rom uses one for the rings she got to stop Epic's attack and unknowingly allow Neptune to get her Share Crystal back. (Which is a good thing don't mistake my words.) Neptune does MORE HDD attacks using the Candidates and Chrome. And Epic gets what he fucking deserves.

All in all, I'd say all that's left is cleaning up the mess Epic made and fixing the nations.

Also Nanya. You made an error. Last time I checked the Gamworld Twins got the rings from MAGES. not Cave so you might want to fix the error. It's pretty noticeable.
2/25 c79 10NepShrimpz
Such a Neptune way of coming back, and such a Neptune way of ending the battle, too! XD

Now playing: Encounter of Destiny.

And yeah Imouto HDD needs to be a thing in the games xD
2/25 c79 Farsight21
That was easy, too easy, something up? Where did Epic get his powers in the first place? There seems to be another player in this situation, but who is it? CPU’s based on China’s game systems or something?
2/25 c79 5kimek
Well, All Gamworlders that come with Neptune had the chance to transform. Kinds cool!
Well, seems that ending is really nearby.
2/22 c78 kimek
Okay, so now only Epic is left among baddies.
2/21 c78 2MysteriousNuclearBirbs
Welp. The Gamworld candidates really need to hurry to the others or else a "Dark" CPU is going to destroy their home.

I really hope one of them points out the irony that Epic needed to become a CPU to rid the world of CPUs, cause the face-palming levels are going to be off the charts.

Also, I should point out (if you didn't forget) but MAGES. did make a device that can warp someone to another dimension. (Happens with the DLC for Re;Birth 1.) It might take awhile for her to repair it, but it does exist. Repairing it will be a bit quicker since Nepgear (Hyper Dimension) didn't go with the GamWorld CPUs.

Also, Having the CPUs of GamIndustri in their home-worlds isn't good for Epic. Especially since Planetune's citizens, more specifically the tome Histore will know something is off. One wrong move from Epic and he'll lose the massive amount of shares he stole, making him rely on the dark energy he has which will force him to ditch the powers of a CPU or at least make him realize that proper CPUs have things a lot harder than humans.

If that doesn't happen well...Let's just say karma's going to be a real bitch.**
2/21 c78 10NepShrimpz
Playing games do be like that. If you are having fun, 6 hours feel like 30 Minutes xD

Also, Slimey part, slimey part at the beginning

and Lmao Acti got Jiraya'd
2/20 c77 Need the chapter
When the next chapter I want to see the demise of these bad characters
2/13 c77 Cooldude
Was that line about crostie seeing male CPU’s in other dimensions a reference to silent_hero’s fic “Nextdimension Sapphire” in which the cpu of leanbox is male?
2/11 c77 Ow the Edge
Ow i can feel the edge.
Still enjoyable story just uh try avoiding to be dark for the sake of GRIM DARK.
Because if you just have all edge and darkness then people just get sick of it and leave.
aka needs more friendship lasers
2/10 c77 NepShrimpz
a game's english TL finally came out...
Ys 9?

And so many cliffhangers at once oh boy...

Time to prepare myself for triple suffering xD
2/10 c77 mega1987
damn you muse!

your cliff hanger is evil!
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