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3/29/2020 c9 Mukuro Kaze
Hmm ...

I have nothing in particular to comment about this chapter, so i'll just leave this review to not break my streak.
3/28/2020 c8 mega1987
the WAFF is strong in this one...

at least i didnt got saloved by the FEELS hard atm...
3/28/2020 c8 10NepShrimpz
Nepmom is such a perv lol
3/28/2020 c8 32DeraldSny
Well, this was a cute chapter. And of course they would tease about Plutia and Blanc being a thing :-P
3/28/2020 c8 5kimek
Oooh, Nepgear want to spent a time with Nep-Mom? For some reason, I really like this development! Have a nice bonding time Nep-family!

It was also nice to be reminded that Neptune IS a Goddess AND a ruler and thus she know how to help people not only with ehr fists, but with words and wisdom. So, she quickly deduced the way to help twins and UD!Blanc to START (it would take a LOT of time and efforts before those three became a full-sunctioning and happy family) to patch things up with Rom and Ram of Gamworld. Compa (and Warechu) and GW!Financier would be a good helpers. Also, a good addition ot UD!Blanc's family!

P.S. Plutia and Blanc are cuddly bugs, aren't they? Though Plutia is a troll and sadist cuddly bug (and Blanc have super-short fuse)
3/28/2020 c8 Mukuro Kaze
Always nice to see Nep in 'serious' mode, a nice contrast to her usual self, even in HDD, always surprise me a little.

I never expected to read lewd jokes about Croire's portal. Nep-Mom has a sense of humour that i like very much, though still surprised that she had Big-Nep at 17.

I agree with Plutia, teasing Blanc is always fun to see/read.

And let's hope that you will allow the twins to get over their trauma of White Void relatively fast.
3/27/2020 c7 10NepShrimpz
Twitter being the agent of evil, just like in real life :'D

I wonder what Arfy is planning. Lol at terms and conditions haha.

And a sweet scene at the end :3
3/27/2020 c7 mega1987

trauma train ahoy!

and when Chrome will meet arbore, face to face?

and why is there's a hannya mask behind you, nanya?
3/27/2020 c7 5kimek
Copyaste indeed is a good big bro (even if a silly one) figure for GW!Rom and Ram. And he quiet percpetive when he want, as he fast recognizes the troubles poor twins had with their new sister. Unfortunatelly, their scars need a time AND help to heal.

UD!Blnac, at least, have Plutia to cuddle with to sooth her stress.

Oh! Arfoire is back (which is hillarious, considering Chrome's presence) and she not only keep her eyes on our heroiness, she also a successful food-producer now, since massive influs of refugees created a demand on the food (though, Neptune would be revolted by this fact ;)). And her familiar/subordinate are shrewd fellows, seems they all read Bad Guys List finally.
3/26/2020 c7 2Arkmaster2196
The story is developing interestingly, and is great that Nep-mom is there (Maidgear calling her mother is cool)
3/26/2020 c7 NepPasserBy
Uh, I got confuse about the part where Neptune said she's needed over in Plutie's world? Isn't she already in Plutie's world? Considering Nep-mom and Big-Neptune reside in that dimension and they're there visiting already?
3/26/2020 c7 24Lix231
Okay after giving this a read i can say it is realy good. Cant wait for the next chapter
3/26/2020 c7 Mukuro Kaze
Those are some very specifics terms for the familiar contract.

Look like Arbore is up to no good again ... when will she learn.
Though this time i have a feeling that a certain CPU will be the one to do it.

That Nep-Flashback hit me right in the feelings, too damn sweet.

Re-writing an entire chapter, damn man you sure love making yourself suffer?
3/26/2020 c7 32DeraldSny
It’s a good chapter, despite the setback. Maybe this will help... (dumps bucket of ice cold water on author, but not her computer)
3/26/2020 c7 1Naughty Tome
Be patient, my friend
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