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11/3 c37 Idinabean
I loved this! Could you pleasewrite some more Melena and Frex, Maybe how they made up after the “affair”, incident? I’m hooked on this fanfiction holy-
7/16 c17 1MeAndTheSky
FYI lighted is not a word the correct word is lit x
7/8 c9 MeAndTheSky
Just FYI Fiyeros trousers arent white they are actully baige x
7/7 c3 MeAndTheSky

I dont normally review until i have read all chapters but im just a little confused i know English is not your first language but you have mixed both british and US English mostly you use Britiah English which is tge best to use but some words you have used eg Momma and Semesta are US English these would be mumma/mamma and just year in British English x
6/1 c37 Pip and CO
I've read your story from start to end and it's so good ! I loved it, the way you wrote the characters and how the story evolved. I really like the idea of Melena being alive and caring for Elphaba. Really good story, thank you for sharing it with us !
5/17 c37 James Birdsong
These three chapters are good as well
5/18 c37 85Fae'sFlower
LOL! Elphaba found the hat in the field. I wonder how it got there. Very mysterious.

And the Wizard has written to Elphaba. She's so happy now, and I don't want him to ruin it for her. This was a wonderful story. Good luck in school and I can't wait for the sequel.
5/15 c36 Fae'sFlower
I don't like this. I don't like this one bit. These visions are very haunting. Hopefully, Elphaba takes the warnings and doesn't go to see the Wizard. I'm glad she has her friends and her family, but she'll be all alone if her visions come true. I have a very bad feeling about this.
5/13 c35 Fae'sFlower
Elphaba's headache after she performed the spell concerns me. The Grimmerie is really having a negative effect on her. But I'm glad she has her family and Fiyero to help her. And I hope Galinda will be able to offer some assistance as well.

Can't wait for more!
5/10 c34 James Birdsong
Nice three chapters
5/10 c34 Fae'sFlower
Glad our fav group of friends had a nice picnic and swim. Especially Elphaba and Fiyero's midnight swim. I'm glad Elphaba confessed her feelings to her sister. It must have felt good to get that off her chest. And yes, Elphaba's beautiful! She's the most beautiful smol soul in all of Oz!

And I'm all for a Fiyeraba winter get-together. But I think Elphaba and Fiyero will want to enjoy winter "sleigh rides" instead of "slay rides"... unless they're going to /kill/ the rides. LOL.

Can't wait for more!
5/7 c8 Guest
Nah I would’ve had to fight
5/8 c33 Fae'sFlower
I'm glad Fiyero survived Frex's interrogation. I'm sure he won't ever do anything to even remotely upset Elphaba after that stern talking-to. But something about Melena's conversation with Elphaba makes me feel that everything isn't alright between her and Frex. Or maybe she's referencing the mystery man who may or may not be Elphaba's real father. I understand why she was so insistent to get Elphaba to understand, as a mother, but it still makes me think that there's something deeper underneath the surface.

Can't wait for more!
5/8 c32 Fae'sFlower
I'm glad Elphaba did well on her exams. I knew she would. And it was sweet of Fiyero to send her his. And they all went out to eat like one big happy family. And Nessa will be coming to Shiz with her! That'll be exciting!
5/5 c31 James Birdsong
Nice five chapters
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