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6/16 c22 14PLPanda
welp... The Splinter Cell is bouta learn just why Naruto's the single strongest shinobi on his world.
6/13 c20 7Devashish Karatolios
Worry not! Any chapter length is better than no chapter at all! Alma is wonderful and I love her I wish I knew what the acronym stood for, and ofc Tyrian is gonna be the head priest of this naruto cult xD. How long I wonder will it take naruto to convince him that murder is bad
6/13 c19 Devashish Karatolios
Or a T and you could have team Chartreuse, but that would mean not having neo which is terrible. I wonder how long it’ll take for naruto to adopt Roman?
6/3 c22 Guest
Please update.
6/1 c3 Guest
Ugh i would've beaten raven bloody
5/31 c2 leoamaatodos
.. una waifu a sido conseguida e.e
5/30 c22 Guest
This is an incredible take on the world of RWBY. Direction of the plot developing relationships. I can't wait to see where this goes
5/30 c22 Delta-Sama
Loved this chapter hope you update it soon
5/28 c22 G.Dust
Not bad i love this
5/27 c7 Guest
Too edgy..
5/23 c22 12kjtrack
refund this story today and remembered why I enjoyed it good chapter keep up the good work
5/17 c22 Guest
Please update!
5/16 c2 MuggleBoy
Pussywhipped and nerfed NarutoO
5/16 c22 cauaissao
Thanks tou for the chapter
5/15 c22 AiRLoveLess
Great work as always love it when ppl get there ass handed to them keep up the awesome work and cant wait for more
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