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4/19 c30 Drunkenkage
Again a wonderful chapter i have been really missing this one please if you can find it in your busy schedule please try and ipdate it a little sooner as always ill be patiently awaiting your next chapter
4/19 c16 Supersonic234
I swear ever story I read from you has so much detail and thought put into it. I wish other authors on here put in the same amount of effort you do.
4/17 c30 Timeline1
Thanks for the update. Love to see the new family grow and progress. Can’t wait to see how everything will come together. Please keep up the great work!
4/16 c9 Scott Marshall1
Why oh why does Naruto have to be soo bloody thick head you don’t own anybody anything other than willow for saving your dumbassif hes on bout uke chan you dont own that piece of shit anything considering that he has tried to kill you more than once
4/15 c1 Guest
I love it
4/14 c30 Caelus Kaslana
Maybe you could also make Naruto father Pyrrha.
4/12 c30 AweMazing
Hey there! It's me again.
I have no idea how you keep writing these amazing stories. Even though you update so frequently, I just can't get enough of your writing. I love this slightly insane, but ultra fluffy family you're writing. This is the kind of parent I thought naruto would be after he grew up with nobody, not the useless waste of space he turned into in Boruto.
Can't wait for more chapters of whatever you write.

Stay Safe and Keep writing!
4/9 c30 Caelus Kaslana
Buen cap, más caps porfa.
4/5 c30 Guest
First off great story so far. Second, when we finally reach the point where canon starts poor Oz is going to have to TRY and manage a team RWBY who are all half-sisters via a certain Uzumaki and will likely have Elemental Nations Ninja training on top of their canon skill sets. The chaos and pranks Beacon will suffer will be glorious (cause even being 1/4 Uzumaki makes one predispositioned to be a prankster. Naruto's clan, when they were around, were canonically a rowdy bunch)
4/4 c30 5mad thought
Glad to see this updated. Wanting to see Naruto basically father all of team RWBY with all the hijinx
4/2 c30 healeroffates
Great! Keep up the good work!
4/1 c16 Regtech
If Natuto decides to let Willow join him to the tournament, then i really expect him to keep a nunch of sage shadow clones up for their heightened sensory abilities, danger sense and reflexes. If he decides to leave Willow back at home i expect him to also leave sage clones and keep Raven around him so he may teleport to Willow at a moments notice. If Raven doesnt have a bond towards Willow, then either Tai, Summer or Qrow has to be left behind.

I wouldnt be shocked if they will try to assassinate Willow while Naruto is gone, especially now that she is pregnant. I dont really understand how this splinter group is able to hold menagerie hostage tho. Those individuals who are willing to burn their own home should have some really crazy emotional state, so... you guessed it! Plenty of sage mode and kurama going around neutralizing threats!
4/1 c15 Regtech
While i dont like how limited and restricted naruto is being, when it comes to security and proactiveness. I do really much enjoy the development and world you have made.

Anyway, Willow is pregnant! Kurama is going to become an uncle! Will naruto ever try to replicate fuinjutsu tho? What happens when he dies and kurama materialize?
4/1 c14 Regtech
Unnecessary talking, unnecessary drama and why the hell didnt he just go for the bloody head?! Why does so many shounen MCs love to use blunt force, when they actually have the ability to use piercing attacks, slicing attacks or disintegrating attacks?! They always use blunt force and use it in such a way that lets their enemy stand back up. Naruto here completely outclassed him in every way, yet still took unnecessary damage
4/1 c13 Regtech
Unnecessary development. Why doesnt Naruto feel guilt about this? He already felt guilt for not helping enough earlier with Kali and then a month of self loathing.

Why isnt his paranoia kicking him in the face?
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