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for An Untraveled Road

9/11/2023 c29 Roland Tepes
Fun chapter, looks like willow is getter her and Naruto a harem. Thnx for the update and I look forward to the next one.

9/11/2023 c29 fallendemon248
Yes! I figured it would be raven first or maybe kali but I didn't think summer would get with naruto and willow at the same time till much later. Can't wait to see Raven and Kali join in
9/11/2023 c29 Braeden1002
I know it makes sense considering the way that Naruto and Willow have interacted with Summer's team but I was actually not expecting for there to be any romance outside of Willow. I was expecting cannon for Summer, Tai, and Raven and that after the death of Summer, Tai would bring Yang and Ruby to Willow to help raise them and become sisters that way. For Kali and Ghira to get married and Blake to grow up around the Schnee's as the two families work together to better Remnant. But with the changes made it does stand to reason that feelings would change and so new paths would have to be created to follow parallel to canon lore.

But this also makes me wonder if RWBY will all be the same age? If Naruto is the father and Willow, Summer, Raven, and Kali are the mothers; then there's nothing stopping them from all having become pregnant in and around the same time. Which would truly have the girls growing up together and become the greatest team to leave Beacon.

If there's one thing that has been highlighted, for me at least, is that as Salem and Ozma plan and make moves in the shadows hoping to control the pieces on the board and influence the fate of Remnant they have failed to realize a critical thing. They might be playing chess against one another but what if the rest of the board is playing a different game? Or if they just don't care and decide to flip the board and throw chaos about? Which is exactly what can and might happen with someone so willful and protective as Naruto.
9/11/2023 c29 Delta-Sama
Out of all of your stories this one is by far my most favorite one. I am excited to see what you have planned and hope to hear from this story really soon. Also I saw in the preview that you’re gonna have Naruto comfort Kali. If I may suggest an idea, I feel like you could have Naruto in an attempt to comfort her, mention that he himself has experience with unrequited love. The person he would be referring to is Sakura. Just an idea that came to mind when I read the preview, love your work and appreciate the effort you put into it.
9/11/2023 c29 8The Unforgiven one 19901
So first of all I want to say that this was an excellent t chapter nice fresh and easy after the hell that happened on menagerie. Second love the fact that you blindsided Raven! Birdie deserves it. Also did not see Tai and Glynda coming well done and interesting pairing. Finally: Pairing: Naruto x Willow, Summer, Kali and Raven? I love it
9/11/2023 c29 biob1
Still liking this
9/11/2023 c29 Drunkenkage
Im sooooooo glad this was ypdate i look everyday to see if a new chapter is up and i think this is probably my favorite story of your please keep up the fantastic work and know that we love everything you work on and i cant wait to see the next chapter
9/11/2023 c28 4Findarato
You know that Yang and Blake became couple at season 10? I totally ship it!
And for that reason I hope they don't become siblings in this story. That way they can become couple later. I never really liked Blake x Sun.
9/11/2023 c29 Nitro925
Ahh the poor kitten Naruto please fix her broken heart
9/11/2023 c29 Guest
This is good please continue
9/11/2023 c29 Guest
Another fantastic chapter great work neon. I got a idea for u why not do a Naruto with gojo powers in RWBY world it would be fun as hell with reverse aura technique red and aura amplification blue as his attacks lol just a idea I thought ur like lol great work keep it up and do take care of yourself
9/11/2023 c29 Heatstroke123
Great chapter Neon looking forward to more of this story.
9/11/2023 c29 Hnbutt
Damn, was not expecting that for kali. Kinda sad, but it made tye story flow more smooth in favor and flavor of naruto. Well done.
9/11/2023 c29 2Dragonkeeper10
Summer jsut got "deflowered" by Naruto and Willow. Is nice but writing that pun physically hurt me. Meanwhile Kali is experiencing emotional damage and Salem is plotting. While I do wonder who the two others apart of her council are, I feel like Salem, having been unbeatable for so long, is failing to recognize a threat to herself. After all, Naruto has tussled with parasite gods, false gods, sages, demons and his family are connected to death. So have fun oh queen of the grimm. Your reign will end by the bell's toll.
9/11/2023 c29 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter, continue Popular Monster?
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