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for An Untraveled Road

12/2/2023 c8 Guest
This is the best story ever! I can hardly believe you managed to make Cinder the most loathed into one of the cutest characters ever.
12/1/2023 c1 Guest
This story is awesome. I hope to get so much more of the story.
11/28/2023 c7 Daggerxxx
God, what a terrible thing. Not only does the author simply do event after event. Not only that, Naruto's arrival on Remnant, Willow's falling in love, Cynder's rescue, and the solution to the White Fang problem all fit into a one fucking week. So also these interactions between characters... They just appear out of nowhere. Either love, then a quarrel, then Nicholas’s respect, etc.
That's just ridiculous! It feels like just another week and the Grimm problem will be solved and Salem will be defeated (or rather, she will repent and become part of Naruto's harem, yeah). Bullshit.
11/18/2023 c29 dani28.9803
I love this fic
11/18/2023 c5 Guest
11/18/2023 c3 Guest
The ending was nice though. I didn't expect a mini Cinder getting adopted.
11/10/2023 c29 12MindForged
Recent chapters have been interesting. Though I will be disappointed if, based on the previews, only Winter gets chakra from Naruto and not the other kids.
10/18/2023 c24 epsilon306
podrias continuar con la historia por favor
10/11/2023 c27 epsilon306
One observation: sometimes it doesn't feel like it's Naruto, there's no reference to ramen and also they don't say dattebayo. It would be nice if winter said dattebasa.
10/11/2023 c29 FanFictionman43
Eagerly waiting for more.
10/11/2023 c27 FanFictionman43
The journey is crazy. Can hardly believe Winter is here.
10/9/2023 c28 marcon
I thought about your story once more, so you have to endure a second review of mine.

I found a problem with the children. Naruto and Willow adopting them left and right? Okay, you made it work. But looking at a possible Team RWBY I don't know how you plan to do that with Naruto fathering Weiss, Ruby and propably Blake. Part of their charme is the process of them adapting to each other, which won't work with them as (half)siblings.

Mayby Naruto shouldn't be related to every child in the story, so the children can actually meet new people and make new friends. You yourself let Naruto (somewhere) say to Cinder, that she would need to make friends, because family isn't enough.

Anyway, have fun writing the next chapter so I can have fun reading it ;-D
10/9/2023 c29 marcon
Good Story so far, especially the chemistry between your characters is great.

Seeing Daddy Naruto is going to be fun, when the children grow up. Imagine Cinder bringing a boy home. Or her beeing protective of her siblings. I pity the fool who tries to date Winter or Weiss
10/6/2023 c29 1Scrawl the Penguin
Finally found a moment to catch up with this story. As always your writing is awesome Hoping for the others in the rwby section to be updated as well.
10/2/2023 c29 dpx6101
I feel like Salem is going to take things into her own hands and have it backfire immediately. Naruto meets blonde Salem?
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