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for An Untraveled Road

9/28/2023 c29 yesyesyes
let go, you returned
9/28/2023 c29 9ChubbyNingen
I need you to come back to ya RWBY stories, theyve all got potential and i love them. Especially the world building your doing its kinda amazing to see it done.
9/23/2023 c29 cauaissao
thanks for the chapter
9/22/2023 c29 Rein kane
Well now. Willow seems to be having fun with this situation, I cannot say I am surprised. Although that end bit… that hurt just a bit. With that said she has a space with some very helpful friends to get her through without extra shit to deal with. At least one can hope for that, all things considered. Also, I see what you did there seems that a certain Bun has lucked out in this case.

Damn good ride it has been so far and I do hope it continues to do so.
9/20/2023 c29 Savitar3445
Nice chapter. Hope Kali eventually gets some happiness of her own.
9/16/2023 c29 HelloEver22
I swear all your new chapters are better in terms of structure and writing than before! Thank you for the update!
9/16/2023 c7 Primarx
while I understand naruto was specifically brought up in such a way that he will sacrifice himself to help a random passers-by I hope he will mature and get his priorities straight.
9/15/2023 c29 epsilon306
ojala te animaras para hacer un fanart de esta gran historia de verdad vale la pena
9/15/2023 c29 Silent-Reader The Second
I absolutely loved this story so far and think how you write each character's personality is the coolest. I'm not really a big fan when it comes to the sexual side of the story though, mostly because of the more vanilla feel of the story and the fact that some of the main characters are children, it just feels out of place here. lastly, I would really like for the story to have a glance at Naruto's powers (i.e. his five nature affinities{wind, lightning, fire, earth, water}, his three Kekkei Genkai{lava, boil, magnet}, and sage abilities) and how he trains them (excluding Kurama and Shadow-Clone). sorry for the rant
9/14/2023 c29 18Psudocode Samurai
Man, your fics keep slipping through my fingers it seems, sorry.

But yeah! Another good one, poor Kali tho, but it was kidna written on thr wall that she would be with Naruto ;) so no real harm in the end, the better man will win :)
9/14/2023 c28 205NeonZangetsu
Thanks agein!
9/13/2023 c29 heckelman88
Poor Kali indeed, he basically is pushing her from Menagerie and to Atlas to be with Naruto.
9/12/2023 c1 Guest
Awesome chapter as always hope you have a great day and to all the hater how say some horrible shit. fuck you your mother should’ve swallowed you
9/13/2023 c29 Afro1Ninja8
Awesome chapter, can’t wait for the next update.
9/12/2023 c29 Skywolf99
great work as always, and i look forward to more
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