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3/26/2020 c2 Neon Starch
YES! The clip-on! Jacques Schnee is so pathetic that he is defeated by knots. Thank you for putting that in.

With that out of the way, I am very interested in seeing how Naruto reacts to the treatment of Faunus. Given his own past and how he was treated by the village in his younger years, he probably will make quite a movement to get Faunus Equality. Oh well, we'll get there when we get there.
3/26/2020 c2 180Quatermass
Please tell me that, Watts aside, we'll see Harry being friends with Dr Pollendina, and a fun uncle to Penny...please?

Also, I'm not sure Raven is meant to basically be Esdeath's brunette lovechild. Just sayin'...
3/26/2020 c2 crazyknight64
I dont review often but i love your work and i look forward to what comes next in the future.
3/26/2020 c1 kuramathetranscened
Thank you for this. Truly. After watching volume 7 I honestly thought Willow deserved better than what she got in series. Also, technically Whitley was only as bad as he was because of Jaques so with a different father he would probably be better. Please keep up the great work and ignore all the haters and flamers as they are just jealous of your talent and make sure to take care of yourself.
3/24/2020 c1 Trololo
How’s about you just die? Keep your shipping to yourself you loser.
3/24/2020 c1 Gray
Oh god naruto gon’ be a daddy. I’m not sure if that is terrifying or not. Also why TF can’t I login?!
3/24/2020 c1 Cant login
Here’s an idea; have Nicholas rash the party. I can hear it now. Daddy no! Daddy yes! Oh looord.
3/24/2020 c1 Sinn3r
Waiting for more! I absolutely love the idea of those two. I agree that Willow deserves better, and fuck Jacques!
3/24/2020 c1 Kishinakutskikronoslvl78killa
Looking for more!
3/23/2020 c1 Kamikaze2491
3/23/2020 c1 Guest
You do know Summer is the leader of team STRQ? Summer mite of been childish like Ruby, but she's a grown woman in this so I doubt she'd listen to Raven (unless it was really important).
3/23/2020 c1 Guest
Please update!
3/23/2020 c1 Guest
Could we get a harem please
3/21/2020 c1 carl9390
Now this I like
3/21/2020 c1 4bob the kraken
I cannot wait for More. seriously! if you post the next chapter can you have a bit where Naruto is just
roasting Jacques because he wears a clip-on tie?
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