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3/27 c30 Alanproaso1324
dude, ive fully read this fic like 30 times , of course i would love the weekly update this is freaking god writing im telling you
3/27 c30 Mnava1205
So… I am aware that this is a RWBY cross over and you already have a few JJK stories, but what are you’re thoughts on having Gojo reincarnate as Whitely or as another son for Naruto and Willow?
3/27 c30 Krieger Techpreist
Aww, cinder not being horrific person is always fun

And the previews! oh how I wait the coming days
3/27 c30 4hnh058513
Can't wait for Ruby to join the Family
3/27 c30 Sinn3r
This one was definitely one of the ones with the most potential
3/27 c30 Guest
Good to see an actually happy Cinder.
3/27 c30 Net Lurker
YEEEEES! My second favorite rwby crossover from you. Thanks for the update! Now do practice makes perfect.
3/27 c30 Quffy
cinder will become an ally of justice
3/27 c30 VampireDraken
While I wish the chapter was longer, I will not complain as you gave us the chapter despite having writers block. Nice short one to tied us over.
3/27 c30 Nitro925
Love the wholesome moments
3/27 c30 Bucio
I admit that I expected something different, and that is that your favorite protagonist didn't end up here in another harem (again), or basically being the father of Team RWBY and others (again)

What attracted me to this fic (in case you wonder why I read them, given your favorite genre), is because, at the beginning, seeing how an unexpected encounter changed the life of Willow and many others (Cinder - from what we see a little of her new life, much better than at the beginning, let's hope she doesn't end up like Emiya -, Sienna, Roman, etc), but after a certain time patterns begin to repeat, and that is what has begun to diminish my interest in this fic, which started with just Naruto and Willow (which made it attractive to me) and changed to Naruto with all the Milfs from RWBY, of which there is already a more relaxing version in Dust Shop and another slight variation in Take the Girl

Regarding your health, I hope you are well, and it is good that you have found a doctor who will care for you better, best of luck in your treatment.

Don't worry too much about afterwards, enjoy the present more and everything you do have now, rather than thinking too much about what may or may not happen later.

See you later
3/27 c30 I. P. Frealy
good chaptern
3/27 c30 Primarx
thanks for the chapter
3/27 c30 8Jebest4781
Nice to see how this turning out.
3/27 c30 4ArufaForOne
Yea the good old ones return
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