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for Poison Us

5/4/2020 c6 anonymus
Cute story. I like it a lot.
4/20/2020 c6 7NoilyPrat
Yep, the irony of posting during freaking pandemic.
4/20/2020 c6 CalandNik
Absolutely fantastic fic!
4/13/2020 c5 NoilyPrat
It's been an interesting ride. Good fleshed out characters, wonderful storyline. Look forward to Nik at full strength and Cal stepping down as older brother.

REALLY enjoyed description of how much detailed cleaning Cal did!
4/13/2020 c5 LauraJ42
The irony about the time of posting is pretty amusing.
Thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to the last chapter!
4/6/2020 c4 NoilyPrat
Enjoying reading about the brothers fighting the poison in Nik's body.

(You have a continuity for the middle of the night, which it needs to be early morning, if the quarter to four comment earlier happened first)
4/6/2020 c4 CalandNik
Oh! I absolutely love this! Great writing!
3/31/2020 c3 NoilyPrat
I hadn't realized that Cal wasn't sick. I thought he'd been feeling poorly earlier, but I guess I was wrong?
Liked the burnt toast and ketchup and mustard sandwich. And having a teen clean? WHOA! End of the world stuff. Interesting artwork on his wall. Also interesting is the fact that lying to Nik happened.
3/30/2020 c3 LauraJ42
I’ve been waiting! Lockdown has me more impatient for updates. Again, love your writing!
3/23/2020 c2 scootersmom
I enjoyed this very much although I am still trying to figure out the basics about each brother, at least I think they are brothers. Where did you hear about them? Were they on a show long ago? never heard of them before.
3/16/2020 c1 314Fat Puppy
A sick Niko? A panicked Cal because of a sick Niko? A Goo Monster? So, this is gonna be a jackpot of fun and angst, isnt it? Can’t wait to read the next chapter!
3/16/2020 c1 7NoilyPrat
Can't wait to read the rest. Still haven't made it thru the first book, however work has been canceled for the next 2 weeks. No school. Pandemic. Soooooooo... the 15 books on my shelf will get a serious dent if I ever get off fanfiction

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