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6/10 c12 Guest
Please continue with the story. It's a good one and deserve to be updated.
6/20/2023 c12 Vanilla 12
Back to the Null Void? Hope they won't cross path with the Way Bad again.
6/20/2023 c12 Vanilla 12
I hope the Rooters story worth waiting.
5/15/2023 c12 shriramasokan
Does Kai green exist in your stories
2/10/2023 c12 Thunder Dragon
Omnigalander just a heads up but i did leave quite a few suggestions for Kir-Ben 10 Poyo Force.

Speaking of which Can I make a few suggestions? I would love to see you implement some Ben 10 Games for the crew to go down and also maybe Lucario can get a power up. You can also uses these games for Kir-Ben 10 Poyo force if you so desire.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth: Ben, Gwen and Max deal with their usual rogues gallery while trying to reclaim the Omnitrix's aliens from a space mosquito. (Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and Wii)

Ben 10 Alien Force: An original story of Ben, Gwen and Kevin being recruited by an undercover Plumber to retrieve parts for a dangerous weapon. Naturally, all isn't what it seems. (Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP, and Nintendo DS)

Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks: Pretty much what is says on the tin. Ben and the group take on Vilgax once more. (Platforms: Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360)

Ben 10 Alien Force: Rise of Hex: Once again the title tells you everything you need to know. (Platforms: Wii via WiiWare and Xbox 360 via Xbox Live).

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction: Ben, Gwen and Kevin find themselves hopping the globe to stop different menaces from destroying the cites. (Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii)
Ben 10: Galactic Racing: A Mario Kart-style racer. (Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Play Station Vita)

Ben 10: Omniverse: Ben's Omnitrix goes haywire once more and warps Ben and Rook into the past where they meet the former's 11-year old self. When Malware gets his hands on Rook's weapon and creates an alternate future, the three set out to stop him and fix the damage. (Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (one of its launch titles in fact).

Ben 10: Omniverse 2: Ben once again takes on the Incurseans. (Platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS)

Ben 10: Up to Speed: The player will play as Ben and his alien forms to collect some collectibles scattered around the levels while avoiding any obstacles and enemies similar to Temple Run. (Platforms: iOS)

Ben 10 Power Trip (2020) The Tennyson family go on an European holiday until it is interrupted by Hex awakening four mysterious crystals and summoning monsters from the Void. (Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Switch, Xbox One and PC)
2/5/2023 c12 3RonaldM40196867
Now the Rooters are back.

Elena was a complicated story.
12/26/2022 c11 Nicochan11
Can a Poliwag and a Horsea appear too? Keep up the good work!
12/26/2022 c11 Thunder Dragon
Huh, I did not expect to see a Pokemon battle here. I approve! This was fun. A decent role reversal from the original formula. Now I hope Elena can be saved. Keep up the good work!

Now seeing as you are such a Nintendo Fan I have a challenge for you.

It is a Metroid and Ben 10 crossover.

Ben 10 Metroid: Heroes rising.

Rated K to T

Genre Action/Adventure.

Ben 10: Metroid: Heroes Rising Part 1. World Building. First off you can make the Alien Races of Metroid being in the Ben 10 universe and Samus being a secondary mentor to Ben Tennyson? Maybe the Earth bound Plumbers before retiring had to face Ridley and the space Pirates and they failed as Samus lost her parents and her hometown which is on Earth had been destroyed.

So Samus was taken in by the Chozo who were also visiting and along with Grey Voice and Old Bird she also worked with Azmuth as an intergalatic bounty hunter. Hunting the Space Pirates and also works with the Plumbers.

Grey Voice and Old Bird also helped Azmuth by providing Chozo DNA to the Omnitrix.

Also I would love to see you tackle parts of the show that were never covered. Such as the Alien Dragons. Check the Ben 10 Wiki and their is something you can use involving Dragons as an example.

For example There are also Mythical Dragons in Ben 10 Classic Continuity living on Earth along with Alien Dragons. Oh and the Mythical Dragons are in the Ben 10 2016 Reboot now as well.

Here is what I could find from their. A sect of Forever Knights would stop at nothing to destroy dragons. Dwayne McDuffie in Alien Force once claimed more of this species would be seen in future episodes, but this did not happen and there were no plans to revisit this species in Omniverse because no one wanted to revisit that arc.

Here are sources from that web-sight. It is called Ben 10 Planet.
Crew Statements
Derrick J. Wyatt
File:Dragon Aliens Different From Mythical Dragons.
File:Mythical Dragons Exist.
File:Dragons Excluded in OV.

Ben 10 Metroid: Heroes Rising Part 2: Ben and Samus's Relationship. Ben would need a guide and mentor against some of the monsters from Metroid so why not make him not only have Grandpa Max be his moral mentor but when he gets older Ben also trains with Samus in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien as second mentor.

If you want Ben to meet Samus when he is a Ten year old then to flesh out their dynamic why not take a look at the Metroid Manga, Metroid: Samus and Joey.

In case you are not aware Samus & Joey is a manga series of three volumes, written and illustrated by Idzuki Kouji. It has only been released in Japan, and the story line takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. However, whether it has a place in the canon Metroid timeline has not been confirmed. This series introduces the characters Joey Apronika and Diesel, as well as several others. An unofficial translation took place from 2011-2015 by the Metroid Database and is available on their website.

A bonus chapter in Volume 1 recounts the introduction of Metroid Fusion, and was drawn to promote that game.

Comic BomBom, a monthly manga magazine, ran Samus & Joey (17 Issues, December 2002 - April 2004) which continued into Metroid EX: Samus & Joey (12 Issues, May 2004 - April 2005) for a total of 29 months. Because Metroid EX was never bound into a collection like Samus & Joey, completion of the MDb's translation was delayed for several months while they looked for copies of surviving issues. The covers were designed by Takahiro Takeda.

But hey Just a thought. And maybe Ben is eventually also enhanced by genetic engineering and the tech in the Metroid Universe?

Also for Ben's growth when Ben goes back to Bellwood maybe Ben finds some of Hex's Spell Books and learns to Use Mana Like with Ben 10,000.

Ben 10 Metroid: Heroes Rising Part 3: Expanded Universe and Story arcs.

Now here are a few more suggestions for the story if it gets made. If you want to make this story awesome you are going to need to expand the story and maybe try to apply some of the ideas of the show that never got produced.

For Gwen and Kevin when they turn up again in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien Kevin turns good Gwen in Alien Force gets the Charms of Bezel when the Space Pirates and other galatic threats

Like for example the Charms of Bezel. Originally, the Charms of Bezel were not magic, instead, they were advanced Bezelian technology that seemed magic to Earth. This was retconned in Omniverse, as Bezel was revealed to be a person.

It is unknown how the Charms of Bezel were restored or remade by the time of Omniverse. So why not make your own spin on how that happens. That could be a cool power up for Gwen Tennyson. That would be awesome!

Speaking of new material If you are going to implement more elements of the show that did not make the cut then here is a resource you will need.

Stories based on the original Ben 10 Show were featured in the earlier issues of Cartoon Network Action Pack. As the comic book continued publication, it stayed up to date by switching to adaptations of Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Alien Force stories were featured in Cartoon Network Action Pack, the last comic book series consisting of comic stories based on Cartoon Network shows published by DC Comics.

Also once again the later issues of Cartoon Network Action Pack featured Ultimate Alien comic stories.

Also their were at least three Aborted Arcs in Ultimate Alien were salvaged as much as possible for Omniverse: Zs'Skayr goes into Dr. Viktor's body and consumes King Xarion's soul, freeing Dr. Viktor's mind. A graphic novel was supposed to show what happened to Elena Validus and the Hive nanochips. This didn't succeed as intended, as the novel not only explained nothing about this when it actually came out, but actually raised even more questions.

Charmcaster's Omniverse arc still follows up from the aborted one she had back in Ultimate Alien, albeit with Broad Strokes being applied to it rather than it just being ignored entirely.

Also I would love to see you tackle parts of the show that were never covered.
12/26/2022 c10 Thunder Dragon
Decent action although I am a little annoyed at Lucario constantly getting captured.
12/26/2022 c9 Thunder Dragon
Oh yes. Decent old school Ben Ten action with Julie still pitching in. While you are going with an episodic story structure I do hope we do get something that actually facilitates the plot.
12/26/2022 c7 Thunder Dragon
Eh, this was kind of misstep here. Your attempt at trying to create a more sympathetic villain kind of fell flat. Decent action and Julie and Lucario did give a good showing. But the villain kind of sucked.
12/26/2022 c6 Thunder Dragon
Decent action and good fights all around. I like this.
12/26/2022 c5 Thunder Dragon
Decent action, But I feel that Lucario could have proved himself a little better as a fighter. Maybe he needs some more practice and time to get back into shape. I like that Julie and Ben are back together.

Good start and good improvement.
12/26/2022 c4 Thunder Dragon
Eh, There was a a few good moments and also a few bad ones. Power must not be given out like free candy it must be earned. Azmuth not liking the Ultimate forms and the Ultimatrix is because it was remade as a weapon. And Azmuth is a pacifist. Lucario having some reservations was a good story move and I look forward to how those two work together.
12/26/2022 c3 Thunder Dragon
And here is the fun. Decent start and good showing from everyone involved. Keep the characters in character. Now you will need to work on definitive ending, something that tests the Characters growth.

The best stories in my opinion are driven by the characters and not just by the plot. You will need to examine Lucario as a character and work on arcs based on who he is and how he grows. And most importantly that growth needs to be organic.
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