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for Clucky Wilson Shenanigans

10/8 c27 2PotatoCheeseCat
XD these are so good, I really love these
10/7 c1 2shelleighm
These are hilarious! Great read for when you've just written a particularly emotional chapter and need a break. I've always thought the three of them would make great buddies. Keep it up!
10/7 c27 Katie MacAlpine
Very, very funny! Tony will be grumpy when finds out that he wasn't included.
10/7 c27 6Squeegee Beckinhime
These are amazing! The last chapter really made me laugh.
Can’t wait for the next update :-)
10/4 c1 8koali29
This is such a fun story.
5/6 c26 Katie MacAlpine
4/30 c25 Katie MacAlpine
This is great! I do feel sorry for Steve, though. He's discovering that he can get an ulcer!
4/28 c24 Katie MacAlpine
Very, very funny!
4/24 c23 Katie MacAlpine
Of course Clint wants to try it!
Did Bucky and Sam forget that everything that happens in the common room is recorded by Jarvis?
4/19 c22 Katie MacAlpine
Poor Bucky! Give me some time with him and I'll make he knows he's 'worth all this'!
4/10 c21 Katie MacAlpine
Never! Never! Never drink water with peppers! It wakes it worse! Dairy or something sweet. Milk is the best. Grew up on mexican food. You could have had a glass of milk waiting for the first to say 'uncle'.
4/8 c20 Katie MacAlpine
Ah! Friendly competition!
4/7 c18 Katie MacAlpine
Never mess with Clint's arrows! (Why didn't he have them locked up?)
4/7 c19 Katie MacAlpine
Wilson will die!
4/5 c17 Katie MacAlpine
It should be Clint and Bucky againt Sam.
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