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for Prejudices

7/10/2021 c22 CookiesAreAmazing9
This is well written and long too! This is amazing!
6/19/2021 c22 3reesiem
Update please!
10/3/2020 c3 Sophitz
9/14/2020 c22 HersheyChocolate0611
Team FosterKeefe! Love the chapter!
9/2/2020 c10 2bookhawks
Lord no Plssssssss Sofitz
9/2/2020 c3 bookhawks
Sofitz pls - Phoenix
9/1/2020 c21 Hershey
Can't wait for chapter 22!
8/15/2020 c21 Iceberg Blue
Nice cliffhanger. I'm so excited for the next chapter! You are doing a great job ;)
8/11/2020 c9 Kat
Team foster for the win!
7/27/2020 c19 1SokeefeWillAlwaysBeBetter
OMG! Cliff-hanger! Nooooooo!
7/24/2020 c18 SokeefeWillAlwaysBeBetter
7/20/2020 c17 SokeefeWillAlwaysBeBetter
Please update soon!
7/16/2020 c16 SokeefeWillAlwaysBeBetter
OoOoOoOoh cool...
6/25/2020 c15 The Unnamed One
I love the story!
I vote don't have a lot of sophitz/sokeefe shipping drama and don't talk about who Sophie likes. Or just go with what the story seems to fit

The Unnamed One(don't ask)
6/3/2020 c14 Iceberg Blue
Great story! I forgot to put this on an earlier review, but I love the way that you made them have to leave a sport behind and figure out how to do it in the Elvin world! I do gymnastics and it makes this story relatable! Update soon, please :)
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