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12/18/2021 c8 lilyevans0825
Please i update i really love it i keep on rereading it !
6/27/2021 c2 Guest
This is an amazing story! One of the best fan fictions I have ever read and I hope to read the rest of the story one day! I would love to know what you had planned! You are a very talented writer and really made this story come to life.
2/16/2021 c8 16tinycupcat
Just like you I have fallen back into the fandom since victorious was added to Netflix! :D For some reason I just love a pregnant Jade storyline. I especially love all how unique all the kids in this story are and have their own little personalities! I’m really excited for the next chapter and finding out what happens when Jade gives birth to Jonah. Great writer and great story! Xx
1/3/2021 c8 Guest
Omg I love this story! So much detail and such deep narrative! I cannot wait for another update I must have more! Wishing you good health x
12/27/2020 c8 Guest
You’re such a good writer!
12/20/2020 c8 Guest
Ugh I love this so much n
12/7/2020 c8 lilyevans0825
Omg i love this so much i’ve read it so many times! Please Please Update !
11/29/2020 c8 Guest
I love this fic so much! The detail and depth!
11/17/2020 c8 Hearteyes
Really good!
11/11/2020 c8 emilaysjonas
I love that you haven't given up on this story :).
11/11/2020 c8 byanothername7
I said “hi it’s me” and then forgot to tell you who it was. Omg. Oops, i guess. You know who i am. Happy to see that you updated.
11/11/2020 c8 Guest
hi it’s me. I’m too lazy to log in on my phone. I was so happy to wake up and see that this story had been updated! Never apologize for long chapters! I thought it was great! I’m very interested to see what happens when Beck and Jade do get married and what their life will be like with a new baby!
11/3/2020 c7 Hearteyes
I have read lots if fanfic (especially Victorious ones!)and this one is so far one of the best plz Update ASAP!
10/14/2020 c7 Guest
I hope you haven’t given up with this one because I love it
9/17/2020 c7 18Mylee
They've graduated! That's so cool! Yet another amazing chapter...loved all of the times the gang shared together! They truly are a tight-knit group of friends! Great job! Looking forward to more!
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