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for Dragonwatch Book 4: Scourge Of The Titan Valley

11/16/2020 c15 Katie
Eek! I can’t believe I’m reading it so late! Just know it was super awesome! You’re so good at this!
11/11/2020 c15 12NaoSa
Ooooooh! I loved this so much! Amazing job on the chapter!
10/12/2020 c1 NaoSa
Ha! Loved the hints of brackendra! I’ve been re-reading this and I loved it again! Just wanted to remind you how amazing this is! :)
9/26/2020 c14 Ben
i just finished reading the book by brandon mull and yours is just as good as his so far
9/4/2020 c13 NaoSa
Amazing writing! :)
8/17/2020 c14 Guest
Hey, you’re a great writer
7/21/2020 c14 NaoSa
Epic story! Well written and thought out. Sorry you aren’t feeling well :( This story has a lot of things I am expecting in dragonwatch 4 as well. It’s nice to see Seth back alas well and it was smart to bring in another shadow charmer. Anyway, epic story, well planned out and well written. Clicking favorite and follow now.
7/18/2020 c14 ben
its okay
7/17/2020 c14 Katie
Oh my gosh I love it! You are literally amazing! I’m so sorry about you’re mental health, that totally sucks, I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!
6/13/2020 c13 ben
Even during covid you’re still in schools wow please don’t get covi then you wouldn’t be able to write and I would die of boredom
6/12/2020 c13 Katie
Wow! I love Nocte! And ooh I can’t wait to find out what happens next! You aren’t so talented and I love this story! And all your stories in general!
6/7/2020 c12 ben
yeah my crested geckos are having eggs so i totally understand and also dont apologize for the grammar im way worse and also life happens
5/22/2020 c12 Jesussavedevenme
This is soooooooo amazing I love it! This is quickly becoming one of my favorites! And you don't have to apologize for life happening!
5/22/2020 c12 Wolf Lover27
I completely understand don’t worry about. And everyone makes mistakes, so if u make a few that’s fine. Loved the chapter and the story. It really is an amazing story. Stay Safe
5/22/2020 c12 Katie
Oh wow that’s a lot! It’s totally ok though! You did an awesome on and I loved every second of it!
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