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for Twenty Armies

3/19 c1 17Unicadia
This is so beautiful and so sad. I love the repetition - and meaning - of the words "Don't touch him." It's so simple, and yet so poignant. My review is not doing this little piece justice. Beautiful work!
3/17 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary
I...wow. I am shocked? and sad? and terribly in awe of how powerfully written this is! I just...*deep breath* I LOVE the way you write from Bahorel's POV and I am on the verge of TEARS

"You carry so much, Enjolras." MY HEART. Bahorel, you are too good - and I love the protectiveness he has over Gavroche. My feels are going haywire right now

"One soldier refused." ...there's some cruel dramatic irony here and I'm both extremely satisfied with its tragedy and devastated.

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