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4/21/2020 c4 Dracus6
Hello there I give you the details of My Hero Academia and Akame ga kill.
Izuku x Akame
so what do you think
4/8/2020 c1 Dracus6
sure I can give you the details
My Hero Academia and Akame ga kill
Izuku x Akame
after the events of revolution had won Akame decided to time to for leave the continent and to find a fresh start elswhere she suddenly find herself Tokyo and world of quirks and superheroes. she meets a boy named Izuku Midoriya one who will become the next symbol of peace.
It will focus on My Hero Academia storyline with Akame involved. she be living with Izuku Midoriya and his mom
Akame will try to get a fresh start a new life because she is done with all the assassination and the killing. She will be like Kenshin Himura from rurouni kenshin during the Bakumatsu Era he use to be a assassin known as Batousai the Man Slayer now he took vow to never kill again and use his sword to protect others and it work out for him pretty well.
I hope that can help you with My Hero Academia and Akame ga kill
4/6/2020 c2 20zerobound
Great job. I’m glad Sayo and Ieyasu join up with Tatsumi and join Night Raid. Is going to be hard training but Night Raid can do it to master Nen with their Teigu weapon
4/2/2020 c1 zerobound
This is interest. I can't wait to read the next chapter
3/18/2020 c1 God of war
Make her the story of killua move to the world of Akame ga kill killua x akame
3/18/2020 c1 Dracus6
Hey idea crossover for you.
My Hero Academia and Akame ga kill crossover.
Izuku Midoriya x Akame
Eri parents figures will be Deku and Akame
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