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10/16/2022 c12 d.mckinney1014
please tell me he gets proper clothes soon and starts wearing shirts
8/13/2022 c65 Guest
Who was contacting him
6/26/2022 c1 doomstoday
You are the best, thank you for writing this story
6/21/2022 c66 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
6/20/2022 c66 1JoJo 'Perlia' Jesus
Loved the story from the start. I'm sure the next part will be just as good, if not better. Keep up the good work, and have a great day!
6/20/2022 c66 42Death Fury
Excellent chapter
6/20/2022 c66 meryfcuckery
this percy is unnecessarily angsty, bitchy and a crybaby, make him a bit more mature and intelligent in the next fic plz and thanks
6/20/2022 c66 2Jecka76
Honestly I don’t know what I will do after I’m done, maybe my own story or continue into the other books. Haven’t thought about it, but I’ll figure it out when I get to it
6/20/2022 c66 Guest
So after your completely done with this story, what's next? Are you going to do another Percy Jackson story or some other kind of fandom? Personally, I would love to see you doing a Percy Jackson gamer story.
5/28/2022 c2 Martin-di-Arcov
something I always found weird...
why would plant people be vegans or vegetarians? shouldn't they be Carnivores or something similar? y'know... because they're plants and so it'd be a very cannibalistic thing for them to eat exclusively other plants?
5/26/2022 c65 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
5/25/2022 c65 1JoJo 'Perlia' Jesus
5/25/2022 c65 42Death Fury
Excellent chapter.

I am not sure what you should do, regarding splitting the story.
5/25/2022 c65 2merendinoemiliano
Lovely introspection
5/24/2022 c65 2Imheretolive08
Confused about the kids tbh
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