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1/5 c66 ayden762
Does he ever get over himself? 66 chapters and ges still a whiny brat that cant get over himself.. does he grow up and mature or is he going to be like this for the entire stor?
1/5 c40 ayden762
Why the hell does he keep apologizing!
1/5 c34 ayden762
Normally percy is strong but extremely stupid but in this hes kinda weak but still stupid.
1/5 c32 ayden762
Why is he apologizing?
1/5 c32 ayden762
Why does it seem that most of his training was pointless?
1/5 c27 ayden762
It would have been better if it was only triton and percy on the uest to have them develop a stronger brotherly bond without the now it all that honestly brings very little to his quest besides making stupid decisions.
1/5 c24 ayden762
Why is he begging? It doesn't suit his cha
1/5 c22 ayden762
Seaweed brain? really she needs to get a better nickname. daughter of athena my ass.
1/4 c17 ayden762
So does that mean that when thalia comes back she would be banisas well?
1/4 c10 ayden762
Didnt he say that he was there to ind the bolt when he arrived at camp?
1/4 c10 ayden762
Percy seems like a wimp. No offence but i would have thought he would ave hard more of a backbone.
11/12/2023 c36 biob1
How would his bow skills get rusty if he is constantly fighting monsters?
11/12/2023 c13 biob1
That whole las vegas part was contrived for canon to happen and I just can't understand why? It was pointless why not just have them go straight to santa monica it didn't even happen like in the book so again it was just pointless. It felt so forced I don't know why you did it like that. Him being so lost in thought that he barely pays attention to getting checked in to a hotel doesn't make any sense. It feels more like canon is happening around percy.
11/12/2023 c12 biob1
I can see your trying to be artistic at the end there but it is not working out the way you think it is. You do it too much and because of that it has lost meaning and impact less is more.
11/11/2023 c6 biob1
Nice work but it was kind of rambly and incoherent with the character's thoughts.
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