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3/28/2022 c9 27iNiGmA
Oh my goodness, did you leave this fic off on this giant cliffhanger for how long? I'm considering myself lucky these 2 chapters were previously hiding on Ao3. I really hope the writing of that next chapter is going well! :)

I feel like there might be a 3rd father candidate, but maybe I'm reaching.
3/7/2022 c7 iNiGmA
Hi! I promise, I'm not a stalker. Haha. I just browsed to your profile, as I tend to, and I saw you had a Hikaru story which I couldn't read, so out of curiosity I ran the description through google translate, and it sounded intriguing so... out of a bigger curiosity, I thought I'd try google translate on your actual story. I must say, either google translate has improved immensely since the last time I attempted this, or you write in a very google translate-friendly way. Anyway, enough unrelated rambling!

This is really good! I feel like I'm getting out maybe two thirds of what you're putting in, which is too bad, but it's enough — or has to be, anyway. I'm, really enjoying this Akira POV. I'm really enjoying the many side detours you take in every chapter which do such a good job of tying your story together. I appreciate your explorations of mental health through Akira. And I quite like Hikaru as a tomboy-ish girl. I believe it. ha. I really enjoyed Ogata's tirade in this chapter. Did Ogata really not have any idea that Hikaru and Akira were in a relationship, albeit brief, to say such things about the mystery father? Lol. But really, would Hikaru had run off like that if only for a pregnancy, especially if Akira is the father? I was walking around downstairs earlier, having read up to this chapter, wondering why the hell Hikaru and her entire family would run off to America just because someone, maybe Akira, maybe Ko (maybe someone else?) knocked her up. I mean that's such a drastic solution. Surely you have many interesting answers about it, since you just spent half this chapter exploring the question — how well timed. Anyway, I'm very curious. I'm sad Akira and Hikaru are in this place now where things are do distant and hard, and that Hikaru is so very angry with him now. But I can only imagine how hard this is for her and what she's been through. I mean, what HAS she been through?

Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely adore Cye? He is precious. I'm almost surprised Akira didn't have more of a reaction to his name.

Anyway, it's hard to say, courtesy of google translate, but I get the sense that your writing style here is very lovely, and a bit poetic. And I particularly enjoyed this paragraph from a chapter or 2 ago. I can only imagine how much nicer it sounds in its original format. xD

"Being immersed in the go is his way of escaping the void, as well as something he knows that makes him feel important. A purpose again manifests in front of him, and he rises as a new person. His sun may have gone, but the fire he left inside of him still remains, doesn't it? Precisely by continuing to live, he can still keep the fire burning."

Anyway long story short, I'm excited to read on. And it's just a travesty that this is your first review on this story. Really, it deserves love. It's fantastic. Thank you for writing it.

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