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for The New Emperor

10/2 c2 AnimeGoji91
I love Dark Side of the Force and Rise Of The Empire and please continues this story please!?
9/27 c2 Nameless One
I pray that this gets updated soon. Its been awhile since you've updated this story. Please update it soon.
9/19 c2 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
7/26 c2 10AlchemyWriter
Are we going to get more of this story or not? I'd love to see more!
6/22 c2 Guest
c'est génial et bien écrit ! continues comme ça !
6/15 c2 ladyhawk2002
This is really good please update.
4/19 c2 Yami-Guy
Yea, a beta reader is needed but other than that I love what I have read so far. There are not enough Dark Side Harry stories on this site...pretty sad really.
4/5 c2 ReadsWayTooMuch
A good story. I recommend a beta reader to proof read for errors though. I really hope your planning a Harry/Rey pairing. I've liked that idea but no one's done it.
4/1 c2 Grounded Forever
Please for the love of god get a basic understanding of English grammar. You have no idea when to use capital letters and every other sentence is a run on, I feel like I’m reading a 13 year olds book report. The idea is good the writing is terrible.
3/25 c2 5Light Lord Cybergate
As if one of them wasn't already enough...now there are three Sith.
Even Luke would be cautious fighting Revan...and then there is also old Palpy himself.
Poor Rey won't know what it her.
Unless Luke actually get's off his backside I have a feeling the Sith will finally win.
3/24 c2 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
3/24 c2 1arespeverell2021
Damn, This is looking good, I hope an update comes soon!
3/23 c2 EP
3/23 c1 5marseldagistani
Honestly I was expecting Valkorion to be honest
3/18 c1 Hadrian.Caeser

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