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1/13 c3 pallendin pie
I fave now
12/5/2020 c3 Urukmar
Oh hey. This is a nice story. Very new start with how Izuku meets All Might. And that physical therapy part was a nice touch in way to motivate himself. Keep up the good work but dont burn yourself out. You got real life stuff to do so no need to stress yourself out. Cya next time!
11/13/2020 c1 Guest
Me encantó mucho tu historia puedes agregar en el harem a ms joke, la brava, pony, yui, bubble girl
11/13/2020 c1 Guest
Puedes agregar a ms joke, la brava (compañera de gentle), pony, yui y bubble girl
11/9/2020 c3 Guest
Can’t wait to see what happened next chapter
11/4/2020 c3 Boomatrix77
10/28/2020 c1 The last airbendr
It’s kinda exciting to see where this goes. But I think you should tone down all the... I don’t want to call it “Izuku worship”, but not all of them have to be ‘saved’ by him or in extremely dangerous situations for them to meet. Jiro’s situation was the most natural feeling so far cause they didn’t think something straight out of a fairy tale the moment they met him. They aren’t in love yet ofc, but it already feels like you’re making the relationship progress really fast. J hope you know what you’re doing adding this many people, it often consumes the whole plot and things become a mess
10/24/2020 c3 Onigrev
OoO can't wait to see what will happen. With these interactions many events would change drastically. Whether it's good or bad.
10/24/2020 c3 2te.nellis
Epic. Keep it up.
10/23/2020 c3 erasenpai946
The first women of the haren have already appeared (especially Rumi glad she is in the harem) and I still hope that besides her Nemuri, Ryukyu, Mount Lady, Pixie Bob, Mandalay, Ragdoll and Moe (Burning) are the heroines professionals that I hope are in the harem (but Nemuri, Ryukyu, Mount Lady and rumi are already in the harem, aren't they?)
10/21/2020 c3 15Leaf Ranger
well this is quite a nice fanfic so far. Admittedly, it might have been a little nice to see a bit more of Izuku's struggle with his rehabilitation, as it sort of feels like his injury really didn't...well do anything. Except be a catalyst for him meeting All Might and becoming his successor much earlier.

Still, so far this is looking like quite a fun fanfic. I'm definitely going to enjoy following it, when you do update it. .
10/21/2020 c3 TiredCitrus
Extremely well written, only diverts from the canon where it needs to to make the story work, the places it diverts from the canon with each girl's scenarios are fucking gold, I've never seen such a well written harem fanfic in my life (though I havnt seen a ton in the first place). Can't wait to see where this goes, it saddens me to know Ill have to wait like 4 months for the next chapter but I will be waiting intently. Only criticism is there are a few odd grammar errors where words have their places reversed but who gives af.
10/21/2020 c3 3Reishin Amara
Oh my.
The energizer bunny has a reason to find izuku now gonna enjoy this.
10/20/2020 c3 3trollzor69
Chad izuku
10/20/2020 c3 Hestia is Bestia
Wait is this story a harem?
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