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12/3 c6 albertocervantes598
why are you trying to keep the unhealthy relationship with izuku and bakugou (and the same scene from cannon) this izuku is not the same, by this point due to the friend's he has made and the positive attention he has gotten he should not be like cannon. I like the story but please don't give izuku such a hard-on for bakugou like in cannon. I mean come on he has been friend's with ochaco nearly as long as bakugou and yet the first thing he does when he wakes up is go find bakugou and tell him things that he has not told her yet. come on man fuck cannon. I really like this fic and hope you finish it. (I didn't come here to read a MHA fic with a heram but your unique take on it. please don't fuck it up by making the story follow cannon even when it wouldn't make sense)
11/17 c2 nazarenegodfrey11
You are a super genius.
10/25 c1 Jenexiz
I love your story so much but do you think you can keep writing it what it takes to be a hero?
10/10 c8 1KINGShaheed
This man really used OFA to bang her into oblivion, gotta imagine the faces of the previous users LMAO
10/1 c5 KINGShaheed
Wow, this one really caught me off guard. Initially, during the exam, I was worried that not many things changed, but no. A lot of deviation later on that could make for some VERY interesting situations. Rumi at USJ for example.. Hmm, getting excited just thinking about it! Great work!
10/1 c5 KINGShaheed
That Highschool DxD thing had me laughing like a maniac
9/28 c2 KINGShaheed
For some reason, FF didn't post my first review for chapter one (fuckers, I put a lot of thought into that) but basically, I said something along the lines of;

Initially, I skipped over this after reading that absolutely gobsmacking harem list, considering these kinds of stories are usually sub-par at best. I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised after my curiosity got the best of me. It was easy to read, pleasant even. I've never seen this premise used in MHA as well, and the sentences flowed nicely.

They say first impressions are important. I can't help but agree, you really reeled me in here! Aside from that gobsmacking harem list… seriously, too much of a good thing can be bad, you know… Prayers for the man.

-So yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what I said… I think. Stupid ass site got me scouring my brain for this. Oh well.
9/28 c1 KINGShaheed
I still can't get over that harem list
9/28 c1 KINGShaheed
I initially skipped this after I saw the absolutely gobsmackingly long harem list. Usually, these types of stories have the most sub-par ass writing ever, but I've got to say, I was very pleasantly surprised when my curiosity got the best of me. The writing is quite nice and very easy to read. Pleasant even, and I've never seen this initial premise for MHA before.

They say first impressions are the most important! I've got to agree, you've really reeled me in here! Aside from that gobsmacking harem list…
9/10 c6 2oujiswan
9/4 c2 31Xavon Wrentaile
Okay, I guess it didn't change anything.

But I'm confused. How is 15 year old junior high student Izuku planning to go to college? I would have expected and wanted more build up if he was skipping three years.
9/4 c1 Xavon Wrentaile
Interesting. So this would be before All Might got injured. Even before Nighteye had his vision. Makes me wonder what this might change in those respects.
7/26 c1 Guest
I saw 117 and thought Halo
7/4 c4 biob1
Nice work
7/1 c3 biob1
Nice work keep it up
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