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for What it Takes to Be a Hero

5/5 c4 SocietyEnder
add some boys to the friend group. if it's all girls it would be extremely weird.
5/3 c5 scandalous-squid
Love the story so far.

Minor comment (not even about the story, more about the first author's note): While Momo entering into U.A. through the recommendation exam isn't a major plot point it definitely is a part of her development in canon. Through a few of the first arcs of the story she feels inadequate when compared to the powerhouses of 1-A (Izuku, Todoroki and Bakugo mostly, but also Tokoyami) because of how poorly she performs in the Sports Festival. The fact that she entered the course through the recommendation exam is a part of that since she feels she had an easier time than others (even if that's not necessarily true).

With that being said I can see your Momo rejecting the opportunity to attend the recommendation exam in order to go along with her friends to the normal one (that's what I had assumed before your note).
5/1 c5 Guest
Good update. I kind of want Mirko to be a bit of an antagonist to the UA girls in a "I want a piece of that Green haired hunk and I don't intend to share" type of way. But, you know, whatever works to get Rumi ringed into the whole situation.
5/2 c5 sao for life
Loving the story nice background and history to build up to UA without spending excessively long on it
5/1 c1 10Notsae
You need to break up your paragraphs more, but it's an interesting idea so far.
4/30 c5 79TheGreatGodzilla
Sorry for never got the time to give you a review. But now that I managed to get some, I'll do my best to give you feedback and possibly, my ideas for your story such as this one.

Well, I'm happy to know that Ochaco and the other girls decided to give Mina's harem idea a chance. But the fact that it originated from High School DXD threw me off the loop! I never expected that at all! Speaking of which, there is a famous story called Hero Academia DXD. It is a crossover between My Hero Academia and High School DXD and it is really an amazing story to read! So if you don't know, I would like to recommend you to check it out!

So what made you decide to turn U.A from a high school into a university instead? And if my guess is correct, all characters who are students here are above 18, am I correct? After all, most people went to colleges and universities after they graduated from their high schools, which coincidentally at the times when they were all 18. So how old are those like All Might, Midnight, Aizawa, Present Mic and the other teachers and heroes in your story?

And while I have nothing against the possibility that Midnight will become part of Izuku's harem, I also like the idea of she somehow ended up together with Kurogiri, who used to be Oboro, a friend of her, Aizawa and Present Mic, when they were students at U.A together. Of course, I'm still going to see if I can come up with ideas to secure Midnight's position within the harem for sure. The same can also be said for Mount Lady, Mirko and possibly, Ryukyu as well. Plus, I wanted Midnight to make it out alive in the stories created by the fans because what happened in the canon is such a tragedy.

Also, what do you think of the idea of of Mount Lady is being Bakugo's cousin? I found this idea on the Internet, of course. And to me, it's quite an interesting one for sure because both of them have quite some tempers and both of them happened to be blonde.

By the way, I believe I have a way to make Toga looked like a hero and even be able to mak the rest of League of Villains to have a good image in the eyes of the public. Of course, I will tell you about these in PM. But here's some hints, how can Toga become a hero involved creating an OC who is a hero with the seemingly villainous quirk. As for how can the League of Villains earned the good image while also making Stain's ideology being realized, it's involved creating an OC who is a villain that posed not only a threat to the heroes but also to the other villains and even the world as well.

One more thing, I hope you will keep Magne and Twice alive. I like Twice's character because he is a bit less nastier than Deadpool and is a little more tolerable. As for Magne, her backstory never been explored and I hate seeing Toga's crying and being sad and Magne's death happened to be one of those things that made Toga cry.

P.S: Who will be the first girl in the harem who will be deflowered by Izuku?
4/28 c5 2Xerzo LotCN
Yay izuku got first both in the exam and the quirk apprehension test (when the sports festival comes around izuku is gonna do a killer speech) (i do hope izuku keep class rep no reason for him not to)

... did gropegrapist not get in cause that be the perfect time to boot him we all know eraser wasn't lying in canon it was only cause izuku somehow got last (not doing well enough never made sense canon but besides the point) that no one got booted cause he proved himself

So why did you say hero university was 3 years it be 4
Because jap highschool is 3 years cause how they divide grades but college is always (unless jr which is 2 i think?) 4 years minimum i think 8 max for doctorate
Also you think because its a university it be straight to dorms but i guess not

Also i almost died when you referenced dxd oh i was laughing so hard i was doing a painful hacking cough
But pog waifu start the harem and its harem not poly thankfully lols jk jk
Dxd fic super issei mega harem when lols

Yes rumi is there her and hopefully midnight along with other pro heroines join the harem poggers
4/28 c3 3dragun95
Friend just one thing, although I have nothing against you not using things like San, kun, chan, etc ... If you should respect the importance of surnames and names in Japan, you know, what to strangers and People who are not very close should be called by surnames and calling themselves by name triggers closeness. So I don't see how izuku starts calling jiro or ashido by name and vice versa in their first meeting.
4/28 c5 fallendemon248
Oh man how are the girls gonna react to the more mature woman in izuku life I wonder I can’t wait to see what’s next
4/27 c5 3Tenzalucard123
Hahahahahahaha High School XDX ?! What's that?! That made me laugh! But I'm glad to see that everyone accepted the idea of the Harem ... And now Rumi as a teacher? Ok this if the Applause took ...
4/27 c1 2Anthem of Grimm
This story is lit.
4/27 c5 Alphasdragon
me encanta
4/27 c1 KingAllen
Inko? I know you’re maybe not familiar with Japanese culture but calling person by their first name is disrespectful
4/27 c5 203Sweet Kagamine Kiss
The Japanese school system primarily consists of six-year elementary schools, three-year junior high schools and three-year high schools, followed by a two-or-three-year junior colleges or a four-year colleges. Compulsory education lasts for 9 years through elementary and junior high school.

Since UA is a university... that means the class are there for four years, not three. Other than that, it's an interesting story, and am interested to read on.
4/27 c5 Rebellion Rose
Very good chapter
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