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4/6 c4 UHalo
"No lollygagginQuicksaving...*
4/2 c7 Darkanaklusmos70
Nice story can you add lady nagant also to the harem
3/22 c7 SeanHicks4
Interesting take, I get you aged up the cast to do things like close age gaps and to reduce the squick from younger kids being sexually active, but I still kind of like the canon high school setting. It's gotta be kinda like how my high school had a JrROTC elective compared to a colleges' ROTC program which is equivalent to officer training school giving them a commission as soon as they join the military if I understood the aims of the college level classes correctly. The only other big thing bugging me is how easily some of the characters get familiar with each other enough to use given names, since from what I understand of Japanese culture that's kind of rare to be that informal.
2/27 c7 3dragonfire-217
Never really read harem stories but still i gave this a try. While not as bad as i expected, certainly has the things that come off too forced, where literally every girl or woman that meets Izuku is blushing and falling for him. You did have some build up for some of his classmates so ill give you that. But the fact the girls simply "hey lets all make a harem!" So casually just feels a little forced. But hey just my preference.

What does concern me is the fact the beginning of school and he is already at 70-80% control of OFA. At this point he is above many of the top 10 heroes in terms of power, so if he actually struggles against anyone outside of the top ten in the entire mha universe, it just seems crazy.

Congrats on your success and hope you have it planned out.
2/23 c4 yahska
Why is he fighting like a barbarian. Instead of trying to finish off the zero pointer in one shot and injuring himself he should have disabled it by targeting it's weak points like joints. The zero pointer is not supposed to be this tough as Todoroki easily took care of 3 of them at UA sports festival which was just a few weeks after the entrance exam.
2/23 c1 yahska
Why is he passing down his quirk now, he is not injured and didn't have his showdown with All for One yet.
2/19 c2 79YeagerMeister31
Well this is getting interesting, he met My Lady I can't wait for more.
2/18 c1 YeagerMeister31
Well,that was a nice start can't wait for more and wonder who he meets next cool that he met Ochaku earlier then normal.
2/18 c7 1WeAreTheWord
Ngl. It feels like the past few times you’ve updated this story you’ve put this chapter up like multiple times
2/18 c7 2Whitetiger789
Excellent chapter! It was well worth the wait.
2/14 c6 Martini the Houdini
Bro I shit you not when I got to the part where rumi asked izuku if he was down after one kick and he said are you kidding me, I stopped reading for a sec and imagined izuku as captain America saying "I can do this all day" and chuckled then when went back to reading. Bro not even 2 sentences later izuku literally says "I can do this all day" and I bust out laughing cuz I called it
2/14 c8 5Amartinez1117
Happy to join. Getting updates on your upcoming stories is worth it.
2/13 c8 1AlphaDragon9700
I've been reading your work forever so I'm proud to be your first patreon. Best of luck!
1/30 c4 Slackboy101
I kinda hope you keep Grape Boy around just so Izuku and Bakugo can double team him, like doing the Dudley Boyz Finisher on him
1/24 c7 Guest
Can't wait for more! I'm loving to story and eagerly await the next update!
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