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for Soulmates

8/19 c1 Greenbeeen
Plz continue! This is really interesting! And btw ive been a fan since on tv :)
6/5 c1 Bloomfireprincess
im an original fan. i havent even thought about this ship though until i statted watching again last week. amazing work. please continue the story
4/27 c1 1Dotus
Hey! I was a fan of wizards of waverly place when I was younger. Really, my favourite show. And rewatching the show on disney I felt in love with Jalex (I was too young to think about this when I was younger). I couldn't find a lot of fanfictions so with yours I feel relieved! Thanks!
4/25 c1 2ashray4
love love love this!
4/23 c1 7yu-gi-ohlove3
Not a bad idea I'd like to read some more and I've liked the show since it was on Disney channel
4/5 c1 97nsew5000
Always loved the show. This story has so many possibilities. Please continue. Thank you!
4/3 c1 Filipinagirl04
Love it! Can’t wait for more! And I’m one of the OG fans.
3/28 c1 5Audio.Artistic
When the show was airing, I never really watched it. I couldn't, because of some inconveniences at home. So, a month-and-a-half ago, I could finally watch it but only to the second season. 3rd season and 4 season are apparently not good. People keep saying that the studio put some kind of distance between Justin and Alex because of some people shipping them together. Whether I ship them, too or not it just makes the show seem lacking at some points. so I wouldn't want to waste any time watching it.
3/19 c1 Guest
Loved it! Just rewatched the show

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