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for Louds vs the Forces of Evil

10h c9 2Glitch Cross
Steven Universe Reference! I love this song!
7/22 c24 Guest
Well at least she ad mits it that’s a start and it’s a hell of a lot more then she got in canon her scene with buff frog was like the one she had seeing globert and medora in canon but now maby it will have time to make an actual effect
7/15 c24 LockieBoy1819
Awesome story mate I read all the chapters over night and I just want to say your doing a fantastic job with this story I love the shippings and I love the crossover with Star vs the forces of evil and The Loud House I can't wait for more chapters.
7/15 c20 Guest
F you Glossaryck
7/15 c18 Guest
That was really nice I think I like the star and Jackie romances mutch better then star and Marcos. Witch I honestly hated. Marco had no real will or agentsy. He was just kinda stars yess man. He’d only just say he through she was great and not to be sad he’d never be able to say something personal or meaning full like she can live her own life or be queen how ever she want. This is show dering mewnipdnfs day he clearly see what is rough but is mutch to scared of upsetting people to say anything be honed this really isn’t fair. He never got mad at her for trying to kill jackie or we she accidentally killed that one kid with the moth monster the first day both things the Jackie romance removes from the equation. He really contributed nothing to star character development(or lack there for of) at first they ties an opposite attract relationship with him teaching her to be more responsible and she teach him to have fun and in joy life. But by the end of the show they’ve completely dropped that star even more reckless careless and aer dangerously ear responsible then ever. Ending in mass geniside at the end of the seires. He was just as bad with hekpop one look at her was all it took for him to up and ditch his family only eventually going back because star asked him. And when he fined out about the hollow kid napping and conspiracy thing he like with all uncomfortable situations just ignored it. And has for jannan being the shoulder to cry on that was also a very very bad relationship. Janna is a pscho how injoys seeing other pain and destress and openly enabled all of star worst quality’s so she can just watch the world burn. Jackie is really a mutch better person for both because she can see the good in star with out just being swolled up be her and losing her self. And helps her with her shit because she cares about her has a person and not just a convinent source of explotions.
7/13 c24 Guest
Sweet new cover art
7/14 c9 18Zexo87
This is a great chapter. I love Hekapoo and I like how you seem to be setting up her and Lincoln to get together.
7/9 c10 Guest
That was good in the show they never really did any thing with the conflict with star and her mom just her mom takes part in mass slaughter and they leaf it ambiguous if she ever forgave her or not
7/6 c24 3Wolfang21
okay I'm crying oh the feels, I hope that Hekapoo will find some closer someway, maybe Festiva left at least a letter for Hpoo, be it good or bad, it might be something she might need.
7/6 c23 Wolfang21
loved the bacon pancakes lol, what other songs from adventure time would you add?
7/5 c24 Starinteris
Impresionante este capítulo fue profundo vimos a más a detalle de Hekapoo sus arrepentimientos sus errores del pasado de como aún les afecta y el cambio que va desarrollando sin duda fue un momento revelador del personaje.

Me pregunto si Festivia junto con los demás fantasma de las reinas del pasado que habitan la varita están observando todo lo que ocurre afuera de la varita también me pregunto como sería un recuentro entre Hekapoo y el fantasma de Festivia.
7/5 c24 mystery of NC
Clyde's Blind Date
7/5 c24 Cecilio
I actually really like this version of Hekapoo, ever since Lincoln talked to her about the monster massacre, she no longer sees monsters as well monsters. She was actually worried that she wouldn't be able to take care of a monster baby, goes to show you that she does care. She doesn't even see Buff Frog as a treat just because he's a monster. She's starting to regret everything that happened in her past. She's never been so close with anyone else ever, she even had a fallen with the queen she raised. But ever since she met Lincoln, she actually feels like she can open up, and she was even willing to but, she stopped herself. I hope we see more of her like this. I'm glad the whole 'Not all monsters are evil' came into play a lot sooner than in the original. I mean Lincoln never thought that, he was only helping Star with the monsters that were trying to steal her wand, but he never assumed all monsters are evil. He seems to play a bigger role Marco ever did, sure Marco did told Star about the who 'Monster aren't all evil' but the difference is that Lincoln actually tried to convince Star. Speaking of Star, I don't know why she glows purple, but I can see her glowing is inspired by Steven's pink glow from Steven Universe, just like him, Star glows whenever she feels angry, stress, sad or any other negative emotions. Just like Steven's glow, Star's glow also cost shockwaves when she shouts or stomps, she's faster and stronger. Hope that problem is solved. The saddest thing is that unlike Steven, Star's problem could be solved but Moon wouldn't let it happen, poor Star.
7/4 c24 6Lucius Walker
Oh man, some interesting backstory with Hekapoo. Very nice.
7/4 c24 Guest
Clyds blind date are you going to set him up with kelly
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