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7/5 c24 Starinteris
Impresionante este capítulo fue profundo vimos a más a detalle de Hekapoo sus arrepentimientos sus errores del pasado de como aún les afecta y el cambio que va desarrollando sin duda fue un momento revelador del personaje.

Me pregunto si Festivia junto con los demás fantasma de las reinas del pasado que habitan la varita están observando todo lo que ocurre afuera de la varita también me pregunto como sería un recuentro entre Hekapoo y el fantasma de Festivia.
7/5 c24 mystery of NC
Clyde's Blind Date
7/5 c24 Cecilio
I actually really like this version of Hekapoo, ever since Lincoln talked to her about the monster massacre, she no longer sees monsters as well monsters. She was actually worried that she wouldn't be able to take care of a monster baby, goes to show you that she does care. She doesn't even see Buff Frog as a treat just because he's a monster. She's starting to regret everything that happened in her past. She's never been so close with anyone else ever, she even had a fallen with the queen she raised. But ever since she met Lincoln, she actually feels like she can open up, and she was even willing to but, she stopped herself. I hope we see more of her like this. I'm glad the whole 'Not all monsters are evil' came into play a lot sooner than in the original. I mean Lincoln never thought that, he was only helping Star with the monsters that were trying to steal her wand, but he never assumed all monsters are evil. He seems to play a bigger role Marco ever did, sure Marco did told Star about the who 'Monster aren't all evil' but the difference is that Lincoln actually tried to convince Star. Speaking of Star, I don't know why she glows purple, but I can see her glowing is inspired by Steven's pink glow from Steven Universe, just like him, Star glows whenever she feels angry, stress, sad or any other negative emotions. Just like Steven's glow, Star's glow also cost shockwaves when she shouts or stomps, she's faster and stronger. Hope that problem is solved. The saddest thing is that unlike Steven, Star's problem could be solved but Moon wouldn't let it happen, poor Star.
7/4 c24 6Lucius Walker
Oh man, some interesting backstory with Hekapoo. Very nice.
7/4 c24 Guest
Clyds blind date are you going to set him up with kelly
7/4 c24 Omni Spectator
Don’t feel too bad, Hekapoo. You’re still a better person than Star was in the actual show.
7/4 c24 10Wolvenstrom
Now thatsa good chapter!.
7/4 c24 10Yellowpikmin88

I don’t even know where to begin with this chapter. All these new layers you’ve added to Hekapoo’s character are astounding. Her troubles past and biggest regrets hit me right here (though during the flashback to when Moon defeated Toffee wasn’t she in favour of signing the peace treaty with the monsters? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the show.) And that ending. A perfect use of that scene from Rick and Morty. It shows how her bond with Lincoln has pushed her to acknowledging her greatest failures and becoming more human.

I’m really curious on how differently future events in the series will play out. Will she tell Lincoln and or Star the truth about Meteora before Eclipsa’s trial? Will it cause a rift between her and Lincoln? What will she do to make things right? And how will she learn to forgive herself? You’ve really made one of my top five favourite characters in the show even greater.

But I’m also excited about your plans for the other characters as well. The mention that Omnitraxis wanted to make peace with the monsters shows that he may also join the cause as seeing one of his fellow councilmen in favour of it will convince him. Will this leave the MHC divided?

And Clyde’s got a date next chapter, huh? We haven’t heard from him in a while so that should be fun.

It’s been great having this story back again and until the cycle returns I’ll eagerly await it and enjoy the rest of your stories.
7/4 c24 DedeTC
damn, I really love your storytelling. how you make twists and fantastic canon divergence.

giving hekapoo such development, only a brilliant mind could of thought of something like this. great job.

my only question is, I wonder where that "best aunt" locket will end up at?
7/4 c24 julimart
regarding the doubt brought for the guest that asked before, about why the pony heads or even demons like the lucitors don't suffer the same unfair treatment like other monsters in mewni, it all comes down to Jushtin the Uncalculated.
That is thanks to his charisma, people skills, and not being a judgemental prick like his sister Solaria, that allowed to make ever lasting alliances with the nobility of those species of monsters that lasted centuries. since he was born a boy, he had to abdicate his position in favor of his sister since by tradition mewni is always goberned by a woman, even though he was the first born and could have easily resolved the monster racism if he had preserved his position.
At least that's what i understood. If i'm mistaken, ¿Could someone please correct me?
7/4 c24 Guest
Wo that was heavy but also beautiful. It’s really nice to see hekoopas internal conflict. In the show it was handles very poorly. She was never really show having second thouts about what she did to eclipse and medora. Whe she see baby medora and globgor together she seem kinda tuched but still keeps helping moon plot against the monsters. She save star and the gang later but still tell them to hang out at a bar with her and let meni kill all the monsters. If this was supposed to be a character arch or a sine of her showing remotes it was handled very badly. I’m also really curious to see how the eclipse revilation will affect her relationship with Marco and the other in the show Marco being the ballless cuck that he is just completely let it go and she went right back to skeeming with the other. I really don’t see that happening here. Also can we ask the question why the pony heads jell and all the demons arn’t considered monster never really understood that
7/4 c24 11OMAC001
Nice job with Hekapoo! She does give off a 'Rick Sanchez' depression and Festiva's probably a good part of it.
7/4 c24 Guest
This has been amazing I can’t wait till we sical back to this again
7/4 c24 Guest
I could be reading into this but was festivia going to commit suicide in the third flashback.
7/4 c24 Insert name
You know it's gonna be emotional when the last scene is a reference to the Season 4 finale of Rick and Morty.
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