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7/3 c24 qazse
Damn, this was both adorable and intense! And Hekapoo’s backstory with Festivia, really hits you in the feels, especially when the memory shows she regretted what she said. And good to see Festivia was wise enough to put an end to the bloodshed, despite Hekapoo’s years of manipulation.

Also I don’t know why, but seeing Star act like a sore loser and get pouty because of it is, for some reason, both satisfying and adorable to watch(read). XD
7/3 c24 5OmegaDelta
Hekapoo is really taking the hit from so many years of wrong decisions the question is will she ever forgive herself? Keep up the good work.
7/3 c24 4Gamelover41592
excellent work and man that was insanely deep well done and I did not expect the rick and morty season 4 finale song good job :)
7/3 c24 looneytyne22
Daaaaaannnnnnggggggg this was heavy
7/1 c5 Guest
Aw Leni Loud and Carlota Casagrande are the perfect couple
6/30 c23 loudh11lin
Fue genial ver a Jackie con la varita y el tema del océano le queda genial, me pregunta abra algún hechizo para convertir a alguien en sirena, a y que tan a menudo veremos a Jackie con la varita.
6/30 c23 MagmaWol
in the next episode i want someone from the loud family (if you could Lincoln)
"awwww... Im a sucker for ridicously overgrown families"
6/30 c23 Guest
A that was beautiful I really can’t say it enough how mutch I love this story and how mutch better stars relationships and how they affect her are done so mutch better here then in canon. In canon Marco and every one else just bent over backwards to let star do what ever she want and there reaction ship both as friends and lovers was god fucking awful. He was a submissive little lapdog who never talk back and do what ever she wanted he never said any thing about the monster situation and during the menipendents day he had no objections to her hunting his friends for sport with real weapons. Has a lover to both her and Jackie he was horrible constantly abandoning Jackie to attend to star then after star breaks them up she leaf him for Tom then when she see him with her friend she kick Tom to the curve wisle and he comes back it’s descusting seeing how shallow and superficial her relationship are and it definitely contributes to the decline of her character from a lovedle but flawed child to a narcissist spoiled murderus brat that committes mass geniside. Here her relationships are mutch more genius. Licon is a mutch better role model and guiding hand for star then Marco could ever be. He definitely base more experiments in this aria. he de cares for Star but he’s not sicifantle or submissive to here. he doesn’t just give her a free pass for everything because she’s a princess. When she try’s to hunt his friends which real weapons on mewnie pendends day he poots his foot down because he cares for other people to not just Star. and when he lures the truth of the monsters subjectation he tells star the hard truth she needs to hear not to be cruel but because he nows( probably lurning from his parents mistakes with lola) that it’s what she needs to here even if it’s not what she wanted. Her romance with Jackie is mutch less forced and more natural. While agien with Marco it was mutch more one sided Star got what she wanted she out right try’s to kill Jackie sabitoged there relationships just to torn around and leave him for some one else but when Marco stars seeing her friend Kelly who she’s now mutch longer then him. She whisles and he comes crawling back. It’s very un healthy and the way they talk to each other was never really very convincing to me Marco just tells her what she wants to here and I always got the feeling he was really more there for the lifestyle she gave him then her has a person. All the thinks he likes best about her where related to magic and fighting monster not really about her personality and anything good he said about her personalty was mad up shit not in line with canon stars horrible personality. Jackie on the other hand jenully just seems to just want to be there for her has a person. When star gos muberty she doesn’t give up and let her fly away she just bears her heart to her that she just wants to be there for her and to tell her she can come to her for any thing and when star struggles with her future and the truth about the monsters she just sits and talks with her about it and how Star can make her own future and be the queen how makes everything better. The fact that her and licon did thaws thinks for her instead of just avoiding occword conversation and plushit on eclipse. Shows how they car about the kinda person she’s growing into and you can see that in her character here. She’s mutch more willing to open up and talk to them about her problems it’s not just non stop action and hygiens. She’s really thinking about her future as queen and how she can do good and here relationships with the other characters fills mutch more genuine in the show the other kids just worshiped her because she’s a princess and liked the attion but didn’t really seem to care for them beyond that the one she was close to was jannouse(who is horrible) and even then once she returned to mewnieand got her servence back she cut twice with her basically with out a second thought jannas having to sneak back into her life. and had no problem breaking up Kelly and Marco even thaw Kelly was her friend for years. But here living with all the loud sister and being sheperted by some one who won’t just trad his best freinds up for some one better she’s seem to be forming jenuwine bonds with the people around her I can’t wait to see want happends next and how this Star develops and who it affects the events and the world around her. Ps your incredible ️
6/30 c23 Guest
6/30 c23 Mazipan II
So Starsitting huh ? I will see what could have changed for that fascinating episode in the future. Though you practicaly skip four to five episodes in a row, but i think two episode could be salvaged: "Wand to Wand" and "Starstruck". The former showcase Star's Wand having worse conditions over time during season 2 while the latter introduce Mina into the story. Unless you mention the former during off screen while you replace Mina for somebody else for the villain of season 4. Not try to demand you for the answer but I'm curious in the word of "why ?"
6/30 c23 Cecilio
I actually thought that Lincoln would have used the wand due to the hints, but I guess those hints would be saved for something else. Since Star and Jackie have a thing that might make sense
6/30 c23 6Lucius Walker
Ooh, looks like somebody gets to use the wand! 3
6/30 c2 Guest
What are ten thing you like and hate about star vs?
6/30 c23 5Amartinez1117
Awesome update, and fast one too.
6/30 c23 mystery of NC
star sitting
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