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6/30 c23 mystery of NC
star sitting
6/30 c23 Insert name
Jackie going Lapis Lazuli and using the wand was unexpected, but really cool. Wasn't there a theory about her being a mermaid? Pretty sure I had seen it somewhere. Maybe you're planning on something similar, judging by the form the wand took when she used it?

Hoping that Petrus is doing ok. I'm a fan of you two, be it on Fanfiction or Deviantart, so I'll be waiting for him to come back.
6/30 c23 11OMAC001
Love Jackie's magic and transformation!
6/30 c23 3Marius Wales
Lapis lazuli? Water wings? C'mon, you're not even trying to be subtle with that reference. XD
6/30 c23 5OmegaDelta
Wonder what you have planned and i hope petrus will feel better after his break. Keep up the good work.
6/29 c23 qazse
Huh, ya know, ocean theme does suit Jackie for some reason!?
6/29 c23 12DragonEmperor999
Star sitting was awesome
6/29 c23 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and yeah that was funny and epic :)
6/29 c23 Absolute Ed Master
Good day man, really big fan of your work.

I'm sorry to hear about Petrus. I hope he's fine. Also, you might want to read your Author's Note. It's copied from the Bakugan chapter and it says Petrus drew the cover which in fact, the story has no cover. Just thought I'd mention it. lol

Anyway, you're doing fine. Keep up the good work
6/29 c22 Starinteris
Me encanta la pareja de Lincoln x Hekapoo.
También me encanta ver como todos estos sucesos que darán grades cambios a futuro, siempre es impresionante ver como algunos sucesos puede cambiar la historia a mejor de hecho esta historia esta entre mis preferidas junto con la de "The Butterfly Sisters By: Fireember345" donde muestra que había pasado si las cosas hubieran sido diferentes.
6/24 c22 6Lucius Walker
Mm, I am seriously loving where this crossover fic is going so far! You've made so many changes to the characters and stories (while keeping them consistent with their character) that I can no longer predict what will happen based off of the events of SVTFOE. Very nice!
6/21 c22 Guest
Yaa can’t wait for more
6/19 c22 Eman 25
I bet into fewer adventure Lincoln might have with Star or Hekapoo, Lincoln might confront Hekapoo feelings towards her. It'll be fun and pleasurable for her to flirt around him 24/7. Eventually they'll become friends-with-benefits. If Ronnie Anne meets the creator of the Sciccors, which would mean, more embrassing and fun adventure for Lincoln.
6/17 c22 11OMAC001
Nice to have an episode for the main cast to chill. Can't wait to see how bike riding goes this time!
6/16 c4 6Lucius Walker
Damn, Lincoln gets Shoto's quirks? Nice.
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