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6/16 c22 CrimsonSylvan
Great to see another chapter of this and I love how you got Leni and Hekapoo to bond a bit while Hekapoo got a makeover that just made her more attractive to Lincoln. Can hardly wait for the big confession chapter for the two of them that you've likely got planned(even if it isn't planned out at the moment). Course I will also say I expect Hekapoo to tease Lincoln a bit more now that she knows that changing up her look can really get him blushing when it highlights more of what she's got than her normal look.
6/16 c22 Guest
Seiresly thaw tha was a beautiful chapter your really doing a great job showing the characters natrue development and how there grow affects the other so there jornings really feel inter connected sometimes the original show really failed at. Also if linkins going to be the voice of reason who call stuff out don’t forget glosseric. He’s the one who first gave the mewmies the power to conger the monster and never did jack to hold them back or stop them from abusing there power bespite being part of the royal court he new the truth about eclipse and the fake butterflie lane from day one and did and said nothing even when they sold meteora to an evil robot nanny and o ya did I forget the part about setting up for mass genocid. I really hate hill the show try’d to paint him has a wise sage guiding the heroes for the best because he really really not
6/16 c22 Guest
Yaaa thank you so mutch for continuing the story sorry about pessting you can’t promise I’ll stop glad you don’t now where I live
6/16 c22 3Marius Wales
HA HA! He returns! Good to see Star gets her skip back. Was not expecting H-Poo to get a new look. Poor Lincoln has to put up with flirts everyday. XD
6/16 c22 5OmegaDelta
Wonder who youbplan to add as Hekapoo's rival for Lincoln? The story you did say it was suppose to be stella but you could not get the scenes right with her. Keep up the good work.
6/16 c22 13DragonEmperor999

Plus Heckaboo is awesome
6/15 c22 mystery of NC
star on wheels
6/15 c22 Theheroneeded
Got to say, I love seeing reactions and Heckapoo’s reactions in this chapter were beautiful.
6/15 c22 Theheroneeded
Great as always, don’t let the person constantly asking you for updates get to you, they probably are either just trolling you or they REALLY like your story and are a tad impatient.
6/15 c1 6Lucius Walker
Hm, I think I'm gonna like this story! An AU crossover fic where instead of the Diaz family taking in Star, it's the Loud House.

I do love how you made her experience much different, especially since it's the Louds were talking about. Sure, some things remained the same for the sake of the plot, but you kept it similar enough, and yet, also different enough to where it honestly feels like I'm watching an alternate version of SVTFOE.

Very lovely. I'm definitely going to read the next chapter now.
6/15 c22 10Yellowpikmin88
Man, you’re like a pro when it comes to shipping Lincoln with characters from other franchises. First Dawn in Total Loud Island and now Hekapoo here. Those two are so adorable together and I can’t wait for the moment they come together (whether it’s before or after she gives him heatstroke with all the blushing she puts him through, I can’t say XD).

Also, good on Lincoln in working to cheer up Star and helping her begin in confronting her fear of this new power.

And speaking of fear, the new perspective you’ve given Hekapoo in regards to monster culture is definitely gonna change the events to come in later seasons. Will this new outlook extend to the other members of the commission like Rhombulus and Omnitraxus?

Because if so, who will the final villain be? Just Mina or perhaps the villain we never saw; the one who Toffee answered to; the most evil monster who paved the way for many events of the series including the assassination of Star’s grandma: Seth of Septaris.
6/15 c22 Kader1114
FIRST ON THE UPDATE YESSIR! BEEN WAITING ON THIS FOR THE LONGEST AND GOD DAMMIT YOU DELIVERED! Let me calm down. Anyhoo I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Lincoln getting star outta her bad moods, Leni giving hekapoo a trip to the mall, Hints of Lincapoo! Also btw it’s only a matter of time before she makes Lincoln explode from a nosebleed, Calling it now. Anyway, you did amazing on this chapter and can’t wait for the next update! :D
6/15 c22 6XLR8 The Fox
YAY Stars back to normal! also nice choice in clothes for Hekapoo, I can already hear the wedding bells for Her and Lincoln XD
6/15 c22 looneytyne22
Don't some of these reviewers realize that there's a life outside of fanfiction?
6/15 c22 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and lot of great stuff here :)
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