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8/26 c1 Simianpower
Got about halfway through the first chapter, to the Contessa part, before noping out. Because Contessa doesn't act or talk or feel even REMOTELY like Contessa. Which makes sense since the author NEVER READ THE SOURCE MATERIAL! It would have been nice knowing that BEFORE I wasted my time on this tripe. Not a single fanfic written by someone who hasn't read Worm has ever been worthwhile. That kind of disclaimer should be at the start of the fic, not the bottom of a LONG chapter.

Even the essences part was garbage, since in addition to all the BS that essences can normally do, the MC just arbitrarily granted himself a bunch of random abilities for the hell of it, such as the ability to summon DNA from other worlds, body-hopping, and so on. I know essences are ludicrously overpowered, and one or two is enough to dominate even a setting as grimderp as Worm, but if you're just going to randomly add powers willy-nilly why even bother with the essences? Just say you hit the "I win" button and can do whatever you want?

This was pointless.
6/9 c5 BigRig2.0
yeah this is stupid
5/15 c1 JustDusty
Way to formally introduce yourself as the ultimate gary stue.
4/28 c1 AnthonyR89
interesting beginning. that being said, a thousand dollars for a stash house is was way too little. itd be st least ten times that.

though personally, other than maybe Legend, I'm fine with killing everyone affiliated with Cauldron
3/31 c1 misspelled again
dis gud dis very gud so gud infact taht i rate it 13 of 10 bye
3/27 c1 Arrogant Comprehender
Heh, nice.
3/20 c3 Guestinator
You realize how much of pedo your MC is coming across right? Talking about underage teens like that, making what can easily be seen as lunch dates with them, etc. That isn't normal behavior to the point no one pointing it out is just fucking strange.
2/15 c1 PrinceWeirdo
Well... I just finish the first chapter(I found this from random search..)...

First, mc is quite.. Hurm, hero complex?... Like he kill villain, help good girl, trying to show goodwill to top hero group to let them see his worth(I don't know why he need to proof himself to that extent), etc... And he also too cowardly that he literally trade mountain of gold to have something he could have done for in like 10 minute(Which is also redundant.. I mean, why does he need a legal id made by the top brass from that little city when he could have it done in other cities with less trouble and easier to create background? Why did he even need legal id? He could just snap a finger and do whatever he want to... And if you didn't realise, essence of mad doctor is actually a loophole... What is mad doctor top abilities? To create potion with any abilities he want.. What is essence cyoa? Potion..

Anyway, thanks for the first long chapter... I appreciate that even when I saw that you didn't update much..
11/11/2020 c3 RandomCoolGuy
Morphine without drawbacks will make the new weed lmao
11/10/2020 c1 Mastersgtjames
hope Author makes more chapters... Want more Essence CYOA stories, but most of them get abandoned.
Personally, I'd have used DNA from pre-crisis Kyrptonians, Czarnians, Malthusians, Homo-magi, Demons, Gods, Time-Lords, Kaguya Ootsutsuki, Celestials, Mutants(X-Men), Metamorphmagus(HP), Elves, Astartes, etc.
8/25/2020 c5 1davycrockett100
awesome job :)
8/7/2020 c1 4Ken Uzumaki The Nandaime
well at least he didn't treat them as fictional charaters
8/3/2020 c5 1Addlcove
just found this, hope it isn't done yet :)
8/2/2020 c5 GameWhino
I'm following this because it looks cool and I'm keeping hope alive.
5/26/2020 c5 ivanacco1
If you are uncomfortable then change the age of the mc, make him 20 so that there isnt that much of an age gap.
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