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9/16 c3 That lone knight
He really messed up here, they can easily pull school records to see he most likely never got the zeros in this life. This would catch him in a lie, and while it might not make to much trouble as a whole, it will damage his relationship with Koneko.
9/14 c59 Caelum Est Finis
Another great omake, nice work . Look forward to the next chap and your take on the Excalibur Arc.
9/14 c59 zackyhizra10
Oh hey author sorry for texting too many darn review. I just wanna reccomend Hoitsu copying Jellal's heavenly body magic like "Meteor (toukithunder aura like), Grand chariot (Blast of 7 holy lightning blast), altairis (shadow magic), and other jellals spell. thanks for seeing the review
9/11 c59 Middernacht
Great red gets pranked!
9/11 c2 Zack Sager
one thing i really like about this novel is he smart and lays low so devils and other supernatural don't know his full abilities most fanfiction just have a strong mc.
9/11 c1 Zack Sager
honestly i never understood how the Perverted Trio never got expelled or even arrested someone i went to school with did the same as the Perverted Trio and he went to juvie for three years. Devils or not protecting just wouldn't work as its not a one case thing they do it everyday so unless they are mind wiping everyone everyday can't see how they still go to school there
9/11 c59 5plums
Sniff…. Another throwaway mention of Tsubaki. I take it once again his crush on her has faded?
9/2 c58 Fan XXI
Double Dragon: Starring Kimi and Timi.
8/29 c58 zackyhizra10
You know I think Hoitsu right now is still growing in power but can you answer this, how strong is he? Like what rank he is right now in dxd
Now thats the question
8/29 c55 Shigeraki
I honestly feel like Tiamat could easily beat Kokobial if they fought. And with invild boosting her it would be a curb stomp. But i might be wrong. The plot might demand for a more powerful foe to come into the fray
8/29 c55 Shigeraki
Eventually their gonna run out of Phoenix tears.
8/28 c58 SomthingOrElse
nice chapter!
8/28 c58 superpierce
good chapter very heart warming.
8/28 c57 44Wacko12
I had thought it would Ingvild
8/27 c44 Shigeraki
But kunou is in middle school while Koneko and Ravel are first year highschool students.
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